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  1. do you ever just

  2. James Bucket's videos, I learned a lot from gameplay alone then i watched helicalpuma's maxwell playthrough recently, and am making my own pig farms and am preparing to kill more bosses without getting scared off
  3. he's got ears and eyes now, made the head a lot more accurate to the games, and just did other tedious things like giving him little lines under his eyes (which im probably gonna smooth out and draw some darker stuff on it with texture painting, if i can even figure that out) my style (both in drawings and 3d artwork) tends to be more gritty and semi-realistic, and has a lot of details, so this model is really hard for me right now it's trying to be cartoony like the references but my brain is like "no you're not allowed, now make more detail" so i'm still not even sure a 2d mouth would look good, and the eyes are painful then again i can just force myself into dont starve's artstyle by making 500 wilson heads until i can figure out what i'm doing alright im gonna work on the hair now, wish me luck
  4. i was looking around until i saw a cactus from oasis desert catch my eye, and as soon as i found the correct path to entering the desert, boom the oasis is literally just there. i went to look around a bit, I was already just gonna base there since it was absolutely perfect and I was about to have the easiest world of my life until i saw a hound, then 500 hound mounds. it was day 2. it was so perfect. i decided to patrol around and figured i'd be fine outrunning the hounds while deciding if i should just make a wall around them, but it was too early and too expensive. then i got cornered and was erased from the planet yay
  5. I'll make a few versions and see which works the best, I have a feeling a texture is probably gonna have to do
  6. at first my reaction was "ehh bit of a stretch" but after I started thinking about it after a while, it just felt right. i think this is honestly really ******* cool and i'd hate this to end up as just an idea. i don't know anything about modding, but maybe i could try watching some videos on DST modding and see how that goes. i'd love to at least try implementing some of the bosses as least until i can figure it out and work on the harder stuff. i'm also working on 3d models for all the characters, so I can just make a fan-made trailer for fun (and if my attempt at modding works out i'll probably re-animate it as an actual trailer) hope to see more, good luck
  7. that'll definitely help with the hair, it's really hard to get right. thank you for your help :)) alright so does anyone have a clue what i should do for the mouth? giving wilson an actual mouth would look creepy, and giving him kind of a mouth but not really would just look weird because there's not many characters actually drawn with lips i might have to just draw it on with texturing eugh
  8. more updates so i tried redoing the model and im planning on trying sculpting out for this one and i think i'm doing something??? i have no idea what im doing lol
  9. yeah, this does make sense but he was shown being weird before he was even tossed in the constant. this is definitely way more plausible than my theory, but im still wondering why wilson is always alone. my interpretation of what he's doing in front of that campfire is definitely gonna be different because i'm biased. i tend to just randomly blank out and isolate myself and just endlessly think about things i regret or just hate, no idea why i do this but there's that of course nobody in the constant is mentally stable in the slightest, but i still believe wilson is hiding something because of this very thing also just one detail that probably isn't anything substantial because they're genuinely just song lyrics, but the character development doesn't exactly explain everything right. there's still some very questionable pieces missing and the main one i think of is starver's carol. wilson claims he doesn't know how he got there, but he built that portal and was tricked into going in the constant like everyone else. not sure why you'd want to hide that, since in the animated shorts, it shows them being tricked into it as well and none show the portal being used for that. thanks for coming to my ted talk bye aight turns out im stupid and other characters can make the meat effigy, but i seriously remember wilson being the only one to make it lmao
  10. oh, i don't know much about ducks, didn't actually think about that. thanks for pointing it out lmao
  11. I started to think about Wilson's strange personality after noticing a comment about how he liked to be alone in the Wes animated short and I have a little theory. small disclaimer: i've rejoined recently and lack knowledge of the newer lore, so bare with me. this is also like my first ever time sharing something like this, might sound more like a rant than a thought out theory. theory starts now 1: Wilson's Dual Personality Ever noticed he spends a lot of time just isolating himself, sitting alone, thinking at a campfire? The comment I mentioned prior specifically said that a lot of the shorts just show him alone, doing nothing. But when he's actually with the other survivors, he seems a bit strange. He's a weird mix of passionate and outgoing, but cautious and nervous. It doesn't sit right with me. It feels like he's fabricated this other personality he can't get right. Especially when he outright lies to Willow and Webber in Starver's Carol, it makes you wonder if he's trustworthy. I will go into details later. 2: His True Personality He's cruel and desperate. He puts his work above everything, even himself. He's depicted as a true mad scientist in the Origin trailer, cutting himself and torturing animals for experimentation. In his portrait, the artwork that is supposed to REPRESENT him, he's grabbing an animal by the neck, choking it, trying to force feed a serum to it, while he's clearly smiling. You can see it's died already because he's probably just broken it's neck at that point. If you analyze his portrait further, you can see it's head is green, like the liquid he's pouring in it's mouth, while it's body isn't. This could just be stylistic choice to demonstrate that the animal could be sick, but the green matches the vial and I see it as the liquid not even going down it's throat since it's completely squished shut by Wilson's hand. 3: The Meat Effigy This one I'm not too sure about, I had a bit more fun with this one. I don't think he learned how to make The Meat Effigy from Maxwell's knowledge, but I think he invented it himself. There has to be a reason he boasts his genius. The Origin trailer tells us that he's a failure, and seemed slightly depressed, accepting the failed experiment and giving up until Maxwell came along. So why would a person in that state act like they're some prodigy? I think he's been tampering with dark magic for a while and managed to make the meat effigy by himself. Nobody else knows how to make it, only Wilson can. Yes, no other character can produce beard hair, but why wouldn't normal hair work? I doubt Wilson is gonna mess with his glorious hair, so he'll just shave his beard instead, but the other survivors definitely would. I mean, Maxwell is already balding, why would he care? 4: Starver's Carol Wilson outright lies in this short. He definitely knows how he was sent to the Constant. ok that's it lmao Hope you guys have some interesting things to add, or can disprove this entirely. I'd like to catch up on the lore myself and this theory can easily be disproven because I genuinely lack knowledge of some of the newer lore. The last theory I remember watching before I moved on from Don't Starve was someone freaking out over how Maxwell was William Carter, and that's it.
  12. the fact that he's in the stock family guy death pose made me laugh a bit too hard
  13. that's really cool actually, great job man