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The wonderful spaced-out Stories that ONI tells

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For me, ONI was always challenging, interesting, but ultimately lacking in emotion and narrative depth. I would never get particularly attached to my dupes, and the story was always the same: Drill a hole into an asteroid and fill it with machinery until there is nothing left to do.

Spaced out did something weird to my ONI experience: Suddenly, my Dupes are real Colonists, venturing into the stars. Often, they are on their own, facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. The Conquest of a new Planet fills me with joy, and this sensation of pride is always linked to the dupes that set foot there first. There is no feeling like arriving on mighty Watano, after your Homebase experienced a severe lack of Water for dozens of cycles. Now, when brave, trailblazin' Abe finishes building the first crucial Rocket Platform on Planet Magma-Hell literally seconds before he suffocates, I don't reload: I build a Monument for him a hundred turns later, as a testament to his Sacrifice. Planets get terraformed, and small outposts spring to life. A tested trio of dupes on a natural gas infested shithole steadily send Tons of crude oil to my Homeplanet, constantly fighting against the elements, waiting for me to finally make the jump to Hydrogen Rockets so they can see the big city lights again.

for me at least, ONI feels finally alive. it tells stories, it creates shiny heroes and tragic figures. What about you?


RIP Abe, Conqueror of Burnalin. Generations of Dupes will remember your name! And I will too. For Once.


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I like DLC with all its bugs and crashes... It took some time to get used to it though. Now I don't think I would like to go back.

Because of the DLC I started to like destructive and flatulent dupes...  :D 

Some of my stories (a couple of updates ago...):

Cold planet - Angry Nisbet


Magma planet - Everything is fiiiine... 


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I like how many things can go wrong now. I had multiple moments where my dupes would either starve or suffocate in space and got back in just the right moment. I also like how the bases are separate so each can develop at it`s own pace. If there only was an easier way to move resources between the bases it would be amazing.

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There was this one time I was travelling to a faraway asteroid, the ice planet, with an old rocket I built. It is very basic, and has been sitting there for a while, and I used a basic outhouse set up, so a lot of polluted oxygen built up. During the flight, there's so much polluted oxygen that it caused my mixed berry pie to rot. In a refrigerated environment, mixed berry pie exposed to pox rots in 4 days, and I plan to stay way longer than that on the colonized rocket. I don't want to go back to the asteroid that I started, because the rocket is launched from the radioactive asteroid, and it doesn't naturally produce oil. I need to conserve as much oil as I can. So I deconstructed everything and try and build a deodorizer, but I realized the horrible mistake of not bringing in sand. I only brought algae and building material with me, so this is really bad. I can't let the mixed berry pie rot either, because that's my only food source. I had to salvage my rocket, deconstructing doors and my telescope to get enough metal(800kg) to make a rock crusher and make sand. When I finally had enough sand to use the deodorizer, I finally got rid of the polluted oxygen and saved all my berry pies, which left it with about 50% freshness. This comes useful later when the rocket is landed, because no power is produced from the rocket engine and the fridge relies on power, so I have to use the hamster wheel constantly to keep the food fresh enough. Suffice to say, that was quite a treacherous journey.

Moral of the story: Bring more than what you need on a rocket trip, allocate space for deodorizer or use a plumbing system, and don't use mixed berry pie as space food. Use something like berry sludge.

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