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  1. well swamp world is not really a planet so much as all the poo from earth that clumped together and froze in orbit after they blew the planet up try to never think of the smell
  2. you sure it not just the dupes launching stinky into orbit so they don't have to smell him
  3. can see a dupe ask does your pee glow in the dark also Stinky
  4. note make atmos suit from lead from now on and should be fine as long as keep stinky out of suit or they don't lick the suit paint
  5. so now to use rockets they need to be lead plated or kill your nitwits well that rather stupid
  6. as is the steam the least of your worries even with the hot patch the rad poisoning will kill dupes faster since what should fully cure them has yet to be added till this coming week
  7. well since you asked nice they will now spawn fully in the lava
  8. ya just the problem that unless you have a suit trying to get lead from the oil boime of the second world will kill your nitwits as fast if not faster then the rad poisoning mind you the streamers have to Love this patch wait why are my nitwits puking their guts out all of a suden
  9. well on plus side we now have a more then normal reason to hate shine bugs and kill them on sight
  10. as it stands takes 3-4 shots to kill just a hatch and one to kill a dupe so careful trying that
  11. as is now getting from one side of that hell hole to the other unless you dig under the sat well the landing a rocket there will be even more tricky since that was one of the only spots you could easy put a rocket landing pad with out needing to dig a large hole then there is the whole matter of going too close to radioactive area on that rock too soon and your nitwits dropping dead from rad poisoning
  12. mind you they really should have looked into some form of radioactive sheilding since ya as it stands nothing seems to stop your nitwits from dropping dead yet it takes 3-4 shots to kill a hatch
  13. well only reason first 2 worlds are limited effected is as is any way nothing much there that is radioactive well other then one plant and those god forsaken shine bugs since unless it gets changed later there are no radioactive ores on the first 2 worlds well unless you ship them from some where else that is or the shine bugs mutate
  14. well this will get a hot fix or 3 since first 2 rocks your fine well a side from space biome now the first one you need to visit via rocket which no mater which start you use normaly has Radioactive in the name ya ........