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[Game Update] - (BETA) 452840

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23 minutes ago, DontStarvinge said:

I'd love if there was a more direct way to choose whether or not you'd want Grass Tufts or Grass Gekkos, Saplings or Twiggy Trees and Berry Bushes or Juicy Berry Bushes. Just essentially splitting the current resource variety setting into 3 specific settings. 

I tho those options were added by now. I do not have pc to test this out. But for console players, this will be the ultimate dont starve together experience.

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1 hour ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

what happend with the 452775 update? i wanted to know how was the re-tuned shadows since i tried them but i didnt notice any difference

Some of the new changes for the "tons" setting:

- Terrorbeak spawn chance increased from 50% to 90%
- Shadows spawn more often
- Shadows are more likely to spawn, less likely to despawn
- # of monsters cap was increased from 3 (above 10% sanity) and 6 (below 10% sanity) to 4 and 8, respectively
- Cap for insanity amulet and bone helm increased from 10 to 12

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