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We need manhole for fire pole!

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The main problem is that there is no normal way to run a fire pole through a room without breaking its boundaries. Now we are forced to put the door. But the door interrupts the movement of dudes. They absolutely have to stand on the door. That's why we need a manhole. Just so everyone understands exactly what I mean, it's a hole in the floor through which the fire pole goes, so the dupe, going down the pipe, would go through it without stopping. At the same time, the manhole itself should be considered a full-fledged wall tile, so that it would be possible to use it to limit the boundaries of the room.

I mean, come on! Even Google when you search for "fire pole" shows mostly a damn hole! And for the transit pipe, we have a tile that allows us to pass through walls without breaking the boundaries.



Thank you for your attention.

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This is the reason why every CitiesSkyline mod makes the game 10% slower and more crash worthy.

Yet - Great suggestion, of course :adoration: If Klei puts it in to the game, I`ll take it !

Would fit perfect in to my future built rocket silo base.

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Nope, not every mod will make the game slower :P

Some of them also improve performance, because they replace massive contraptions. 

I never played skylines, but i´ve seen videos, and judging from mods i´ve seen, yes they DO impact the performance. Because they add complexity and such on a really big scale.

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