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Hey Grifters,

More general fixes today, and more smith finale work with temporary dialog, that will disappear in a week or so, like tears in the rain. Enjoy!



  • Oshnu Glue now has 2 charges
  • The following cards now trigger with cards drawn at the start of your turn:
  • - Wretched Strike
  • - Robodex
  • - Auto-Plating
  • - Lumin Darts
  • - Known Thug
  • The descs for the following grafts have been clarified to include that they do NOT include cards drawn at the start of your turn:
  • - Wretched Jar
  • - Locus Breaker
  • - Reinforcer
  • - Thought Reverser
  • Wraith Needle is now restricted to Sal and Rook
  • Appeal To Reason no longer removes Influence. Cost increased by 1
  • Reduced bonus damage on Intrigue to 3
  • The "Investigator" core argument now triggers at the end of their turn rather than the start


  • Fix objective text disappearing if it is modified during a card game.
  • Changed the anim on knuckle_down to prevent it from dragging out too long with high stacks of Trauma
  • Fix rb/lb button hints for navigating tabs on the Relationship Screen.
  • Increase the animation speed when selecting perks during new game.
  • Fix sticky onscreen card when using Sequencer and choosing a card that's already in hand.


  • BattleUtil.ResolveBattle now checks if any fighters were a boss rather than just the primary fighter. This fixes an issue where Tazz would always show up as never having been beaten.
  • Culling the Herd: You can still succeed the quest if you kill the target but then run away.
  • Fix intimidation opinion event occuring late (only after all option handlers are resolved)
  • Add a special case option for when the clerk at the docks has already been bribed by you.

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