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Nutronium / Abyssalite thermals, and the gradient itself.

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We can't build with these directly as we once could, or at all with nutronium. Abyssalite requires processing. 

And so, I am wondering why nutronium isn't simply black in the thermal overlay. I love the color chosen for it.

Also, Abyssalite was given a tweak to color gradation between biomes. I'm not against this design aesthetic, however we can't build with it and it is one of the more difficult to dig insulating minerals and its temperature is largely irrelevant.

My request thus being, turn nutronium black in the thermals, and turn Abyssalite the color of nutronium. Such a change would make it easy to spot biome borders.

However, if you truly want to preserve the gradient effect ( and I like this ), it's going to require reworking how color gradients in the overlay are sampled. I would suggest drawing the gradient in sub-tile sized grid approximations for finer resolution and further smoothing of the effect.

This would essentially turn one color to a tile into 9 or more samples. Where the center of the grid represents the central color of the tile. ( 9, 25, 49, 81 ...odd squares of resolution ).

Such approximations may also convey the efficacy of insulated tiles as a hot and cold side would be evident visually within a single tile's space.

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1 hour ago, Yunru said:

Neither have unique colours.

The thermal overlay just shows the colour for the temperature they're at.

I know, nutronium doesn't change temperature, it's always the same color in the thermal overlay as a result of this.

Colors are shown in the thermal / temperature overlay. Tool tips show the temperature..

...did you get past the third paragraph?

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3 hours ago, Yunru said:

Considering I was addressing the fourth... :P

Neutronium is always the same colour because it's always the same temperature, and it's that the colour's tied to. 

So how then would they "swap" colours? 


Well, the abyssalite could be generated at the temperature of neutronium on world gen. This is how it used to be at one point, then things went all rainbow colored. The idea here, being a visually appealing solution to the gradient. Neutronium is a whitish blue or green ( depending on your perception ).

The transition from white to blue or white to red is less of an eye-sore than the transition from blue to green to red. Rather, it would go from blue to ( white-ish green or whatever neutronium is ) to red.

My current amusement is at the sprinklings of green between red and blue biomes. This kind of disregards the special nature of abyssalite anyway - taking it's temperature is only relevant when processing it into something ( if even then - so I imagine it always ends up red when it gets spit out of a machine, so there's that much for the byproducts ).

I think what they need to do is find a red-blue transition that doesn't involve passing through green - but I doubt this will achieve anything visually remarkable without altering the manner in which abyssalite thermal gradients are displayed to begin with. It should be easy to differentiate biome borders when they do exist and in my opinion the temperature of abyssalite is no longer relevant since it is no longer a building material. Hatches don't eat it, at least I have not noticed that they do...it ultimately gets processed into something - I forget what, most likely hot insulation.

In fact I think they should shrink these abyssalite borders down to two wide or two tall rather than the 4 they seem to have set it at - it's a waste of biome space - and it actually creates these specific thermal gradient visual headaches. It's also a noteworthy waste of space on smaller asteroids where biome differentiation could be a critical aspect of the uniqueness of such places. If only one tile of it can prevent any sort of significant thermal flow, then two should be plenty - 4 is just gratuitous for an very hard substance - it's not really gating biome traversal - once you have a duplicant that can dig through it, all biome gating walls can fall down.

To sum this up however - it should be noted that if there is a safe temperature ( green ) between red and blue in a highly non conductive or nearly immeasurable insulator, then at some point this very nearly non conductive substance, ..was conducting quite well. It seems more like there should be a story behind this 'rift' insulation between these biomes and how up until recently crashing on the asteroid, they were doing so well.

( it's already amusing that the cold biomes are melting away rapidly without me even going near them - probably why wheezeworts exist, but I may be wrong ).

The effective thermal mass of 100kg of abyssalite is rather high compared to 100kg of any other substance - I have seen a few youtubers boiling water on scorching hot abyssalite without much effort or much affect to the abyssalite.


Neutronium being black would make borders easier to differentiate from very cold rock - tis all from this particular request, simply don't give it a color in the thermal overlay ( desaturate ). Players will inevitably discover geysers and volcanoes regardless.

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