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Petition to change Sucrose Liquid to Caramel. YES!

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Dear Klei, Your work on the DLC is fantastic, but you now have the chance to do fun and bold stuff with the DLC.
You introduced Sucrose, a element that may have fun applications in the future, both as food, condiment to mess tables and much more.

When I saw that melted Sucrose was "Sucrose Liquid", I knew I had to suggest something better. Obviously melted Sucrose should be correctly named Caramel instead. You already know this to be true in your mind, It has to be, i suggest it should have similar properties to Visco-gel/Naphtha, sticky and hard to manage.
I have included an image of Sucrose Liquid below. Also, consider adding danger to Caramel liquid if dupes touch it.
I think if a dupe touches Caramel, they should get slowed and damaged. "It burns! but its so delicious"

The colour is close, but I have included images of what I think would be a better version of colouring for this element. Its important to sell looks of this liquid.

I also want to suggest that Caramel obviously should turn into CO2 when burnt/vaporised too.

Lastly, Practical applications of Caramel. Yes. add it in liquid form to a Microbe Musher to create "Toffee" a morale booster which takes weirdly long time to eat.
Who knows what else could be gained from refining sugar? I believe a sugar refinery would be the stable of Duplicant bases.

Please sign this Petition.






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25 minutes ago, Sasza22 said:

Actually a recipie for the musher creating toffee from sucrose and salt would be pretty nice. It would have to be a special food type that adds a lot of morale but not much calories. Maybe a special item to reduce stress?

salted caramel, OFC. How could I be this blind! but obviously we must melt the sucrose first into caramel.

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Once one has observed lab rats consuming sugar, one understands true addiction. One man, one caramel. Join the Candyland movement! Don't ask what your Suggardaddy can do for you, ask yourself what sugar you can provide for Daddy! :roll:

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