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The previous nightlight buff was not good enough

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It needs a better use than being specifically just there to make gestalts removed or avoid the area around to where it's lit, unless it's still a planned feature to where it's gonna be applied.

Right now, noone uses it and noone wants it cause people either call it ugly or just plain on useless.

Nr. 1 - Make it be fueled by player insanity, the less sanity players have the bigger the light it will ignite.
Nr. 2 - If the nightlight is in caves or ruins, make it light up itself depending on phase, at least it's gonna be a useful ruins light.
Nr. 3 - Make it have a fuel meter and turn itself on everytime a player is nearby, making the meter go down same as the light. Only automatically used when players are nearby (like Maxwell's light)
Nr. 4 - Make it into a seasonal elemental shadow light, either giving just enough chill or warmth to keep you away from dying, but wouldn't affect thermals and won't heat/cool you up/down more than the part where the cold or heat overlay shows but doesn't make you loose health. (Would be useful for light when fighting bosses and you don't wanna deal with elemental struggles of internal temperature.)

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make it not spawn shadow hands

make it warm players in winter and cool players in summer, but nothing in spring or autumn

make it prevent wildfire ignition within its light radius

give it an aura that repairs dark sword and dark armor at 1% per minute (unstackable)

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