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Reduce succulent pot cost?

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Yes, please.

I don't get why something that serves no purpose other than decoration need to be so tedious and time consuming to get.

Potted Ferns, at the very least, can be mass produced via the Reanimated Skeleton. The best thing you can do for Potted Succulents, on the other hand, is waste tons of Telelocator Staves to alternate between rain and sandstorm. 

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32 minutes ago, Mantas said:

image.png.c4b5c993dcafebc537e5cce251db3696.png this is that many succulents after so many ingame years, me reaching up to 1200 days, not including maybe another stack that I've used for some pots. It kinda feels frustrating that it takes that much to craft when bare minimum is given per year.

Green gems need uses

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