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Friendly Grass

More uses for farming outside of food

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I love the new farming system. It's robust, fun, and rewarding. And I would also love uses for it outside of health, hunger, and sanity. I'm aware we have tillweed salve, scarecrows, fashion melons, wigfrid songs, pepper poppers, and melonsicle. However, I'd like things that are really worth going out of your way for. This could mean more items that require farm veggies in the recipe. It could mean new crops that grow non-foods. And I really like the idea of crop mutations caused by various Constant phenomena. For example, what happens to crops grown on the lunar island?

I do understand that rwys is wrapped up. I think this content could be incorporated into future updates such as characters refreshes. And I think Klei is thinking about this on some level with a few wigfrid songs requiring farm crops. As an example, something that came to mind is Maxwell getting shadow minions that can tend to plants, and when they do, they have a chance of becoming infected and then also providing things like nightmare fuel, living logs, or evil flowers when harvested.

Hey community, please don't respond to this with non-food crop uses I missed or arguing about how fun and effective the farm system is.

Thank you  :)


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7 hours ago, Friendly Grass said:

For example, what happens to crops grown on the lunar island?

This is pretty good.

To be honest though, this is the only part I liked.

Carrats are mutated carrots and saladmanders are mutated dragonfruit. It makes sense that they would turn on the moon.

Papa tencent, you know what to do.

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If you ask for customized replies, you will only hear what you want and maybe miss important points about the topic; Farming is fun and effective for real.

I also agree with your suggestion, the system should get expanded a lot, but not at the moment, maybe when we run out of content or bugs.

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I think I miscommunicated, sorry. I just didn’t want people to do a one word reply of “scarecrows” or something. If you think we have enough non-food crop uses, feel free to explain which ones you use and find underrated.

Tbh, I don’t wanna hear negative comments about the farming mechanics themselves in this thread. That’s simply a separate discussion.

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