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Hey Grifters!

We have lots of UI (and especially controller UI) fixes for you today. Also: new smith cards and grafts! And smith's day 3 has a new experiment, and should be playable end-to-end now. Give it a shot, and don't spare the f8s!



  • fix lumin_turret's preview anim
  • Fix MENU_CANCEL opening the Achievements screen from the main menu.
  • Adding a sorting function to the People and Bosses compendium that sorts the agents by how much they still need unlocking
  • Making the Mettle screen adapt to various aspect ratios properly
  • Adding gamepad support and fixing layout issues on the Run History screen
  • Fix font image rendering not working if there are multiple texture samplers.
  • enable controller mode debug menus (press in RS and it's like you pressed ~)
  • Adding the mettle cost to Mettle upgrades on gamepad
  • Adding gamepad support to the Mettle screen
  • Adding a screen to see one's Boons and Banes. Also made it possible to open the Relationships Screen directly on a specific agent. And fixed the bug on the graft tooltips where after showing a boon/bane/perk/mutator tooltip, it would never show any graft's rarity
  • Fix weird initial scroll position due to setting default focus prematurely, when opening battle/negotiation deck screen in gamepad mode.
  • Fix rare situation where transitioning into Gamepad mode using the directional pad to focus a card will briefly revert to M&KB due to a forced mouse position change.
  • Fix 'random' card focus after playing a card.  Now, the next card focus will always be the first one in hand.  I'd like to revisit this to make it the "card after the one you played" because I think that's preferable, but also much trickier atm.
  • Confirm card targetting in controller mode now happens on button up, so that it does not cause inadvertant card plays.
  • Expanding icon containers on the main overlay on hover/gamepad-focus
  • Showing tooltips on the main overlay's graft icons
  • Tweak focussed card arrangement size and offset to be less obtrusive.


  • Added an experiment for Smith's full 3rd day
  • muliffee/eden/seemli trap/betrayal fight gets backup
  • hooked up seemli/eden job spawns
  • Fixed crash caused by the Shredmaw's consume attack 


  • Fixed desc of soothing_concoctions
  • Reduced cost of Damnation by 1
  • Added 3 new Smith battle grafts 
  • Save Face now applies composure to a chosen target instead of your renown
  • Added new Threshold cards for Smith
  • Fixed crash caused by resourceful. New cards now max out at Rare instead of trying to find unique or boss cards


  • Removed "Felek" and "Tazz" from the list of random names 

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