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Setting up mod_info.yaml and archived_versions

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icuurd12b42    39

Hi! I trying to get my very first mod to work for this game and I'm having this error. 

mod_info.yaml in folder 'root' does not specify supportedContent. Make sure you spelled it correctly in your mod_info!

The specified entry is in the yaml file


Anyone had this issue. At his point I have no idea how to proceed. either it's not seeing the file,  yet it's in the folder, or it's not seeing the entry supportedContent which is definitly there... or it's not seeing the values, which are definitly there...


When I could not see how it was failing I copied the file directly from another working mod. still having the same problem.


I'm following this tut

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Mister Bond    0
On 1/14/2021 at 12:32 AM, Ipsquiggle said:

If you upload C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Oxygen Not Included Uploader\ModUploader.log, I'll try and figure out what's happening here.

I Have the same issue with attached image (

18:40:05: MainFrame::OnRefreshComplete ok: Mod listing complete.
18:40:30:   Getting Mod Tag [language]
18:40:30: Progress: Updating...
18:40:30: BeginUpdating()
18:40:30: BeginUpdating 000000005d14a768 [Українізатор «Oxygen Not Included» [UA] [uk]]
18:40:30: SharePreviewImage [mod_publish_preview.jpg] ...
18:40:30: Progress: Writing preview image...
18:40:30: WriteFileToCloud() Writing [F:\preview_256.jpg] to [mod_publish_preview.jpg]
18:40:30: Steam file exists.
18:40:30: Steam FileWrite ok.
18:40:30: Start FileShare [mod_publish_preview.jpg] ...
18:40:30: Progress: Uploading preview image...
18:40:31: OnSharePreviewImgResult 
18:40:31:    EResult 9, ffffffffffffffff
18:40:31: EndProgress FAILED: Error uploading preview image.
18:40:31: MainFrame::OnUpdateComplete FAILED: Error uploading preview image.
18:40:35: RefreshPublishedModInfo
18:40:35: EnumerateUserPublishedFiles(0)
18:40:35: Progress: Updating Mod List...
18:40:35: OnEnumerateUserPublishedFiles 
18:40:35:    EResult 1, results 1/1
18:40:35:    Complete
18:40:35: GetPublishedFileDetails(0)
18:40:35: Progress: Getting mod details...
18:40:36: OnPublishedFileDetailsResult 
18:40:36:    EResult 1, 1561634664



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Sanchozz    144

you don't need to update the Preview Image every time.
just rename the image into preview.png in the mod data folder and upload the mod data again.

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