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  1. My oxylite loading system is stuck on 11g... and the tank is stuck as 955. And the oxylite pile which was 10Kg is now 3... Why is it not picking up the full amount?
  2. I found the No Drop mod is contributing to it sticking in place... but the animation still bugs out and the dupe is in a behaviour loop still. just not dying from it. Moved the fridge and removed the No Drop mod
  3. Nice noticing the curative tablet. I will move the curative tablets to another fridge... where there is air so the poor thing does not have to freak out in indecisions between eating, taking a pill or running for air. I'm pretty sure that is the issue too as I tried to change route options and that had 0 change in getting freaky. He is acting up every lunch break now and always with the pill in hand...
  4. This shows the duplicant caught in a weird glitch This is a 2nd variant of the other bug. in this case you start to hear weird scary scream noises and you have your duplicant frozen in a scary death scream