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Ground factor: minerals

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It is quite obvious that soil in the Constant is filled with minerals. We can see this when earthquakes occur, when we dig up Moleworms' burrows, when we use Garden Rigamajig, when Tillweeds overgrow our farms bringing Garden Detritus to the surface, when Stone Fruit Bushes fruit or when Evergreens Petrify (I consider it happens when they suck too much minerals from soil).

Now, similarly to new nutrients, what if there was a factor of the minerals in soil, probably dependent on the biome? It could slowly grow over time as water rinses out demineralized soil and the amount of it would affect (lowering said factor when the event occurs):

  • regrow rate of Stone Fruit Bushes
  • Forest Petrification tempo
  • loot from digging up Moleworms' Burrows
  • frequency of Tillweeds spawning Garden Detritus
  • the amount of Garden Detritus spawned when using Garden Rigamajig


My way of thinking was to, for example, use Stone Fruit Bushes near a larger forest one plants for an immigrant Bearger to chop to avoid it turning into an all-stone-no-wood scenario. On the other hand there could be something similar to Collected Dust to manually add some minerals if one wishes to Petrify some trees for fast Rocks and Nitre.

Besides, in Reap What You Sow part of updates Stone Fruit Bushes received a significant nerf on their fructation cycle, so perhaps this change could bring previous cycle back provided that soil is well-mineralized, which means players would have to replant them every now and then or add minerals manually if they want Stone Fruits frequently.

What do you think about that? Is it an interesting idea or a superfluous hindrance in a complex enough game?


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Garden detrius makes me spam the /cry emote so anything that adds more of it would make me cry even more. I do like the option of being able to accelerate the rate of petrification, though. It would be rather useful on public servers where people really like picking up two stacks of rocks out of the chest, holding onto them for 10 minutes, then disconnecting.

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