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Boss Rush Game Mode

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  • Boss Rush is a new default world setting, found as an option under the first slider in the "World" tab.
  • In Boss Rush the world is set to small, with increased spawns of basic resources such as Twigs, Grass, and Mushrooms. All bosses can spawn in the first year, including Bearger. Caves are disabled, although it would be possible to rebalance the game mode around their inclusion. Hound Waves are also disabled, although Vargs & Ewecus are much more likely to appear in hunts.
  • The goal in Boss Rush is to kill as many bosses as possible in a year. The players earn points for each boss they kill, with giants such as Bearger & Dragonfly being worth the most. At the end of the first year, the world collapses and the players are given a scorecard showing their progress. The scorecard includes how many player slots were available during the run, and how many ended up being used at any one time.
  • Some set pieces are guaranteed to spawn such as the Treeguard & Spider Queen traps. Additionally, Antlion is changed to always turn hostile when given a Thermal Stone regardless of sequence. Three Goose/Moose are guaranteed to spawn in the Spring. Crab King is placed within sight of shore and can be activated with Moon Rocks instead of Gems. Malbatross will also spawn in a single location much closer to the shore than normal.

I feel this would make for an interesting challenge for streamers and other DST vets, while also serving as a specialized playground for players who just want to learn each boss fight without having to focus too much on long term survival. The 100 day limit keeps the game relatively short & sweet, and stops the ridiculous late game content from dominating. Some characters are obviously not going to be exceptional in this mode, Warly & Maxwell in particular, but they're generally so good for megabasing & long term play that I feel this is an acceptable trade off. Characters could even be built specifically around this challenge, such as a rework of Wes which lets him interact in bosses in a unique way.

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Its a decent enough idea.. but Klei has stated time and time again that they have to do what is best with their time and resources available. So you have to ask yourself how many people would play such a mode.. and would it prove successful for Klei? As much as I want Klei’s very on version of what they feel an Uncompromising Mode should be.. if there isn’t enough player demand for it it’s just not something they should endeavor their time and resources into doing.

And if we had to choose between boss rush, Uncompromising difficulty mode- or brand new updates the size of Turn of Tides or Forgotten Knowledges, (Aka big updates with new biomes to explore and mobs to fight) My vote will always go towards those larger sized content updates. :) 

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if a boss rush mode were to be implemented, it couldn't be with the bosses we have now. I'd have it so they're upgraded versions of the bosses. 

It's not the worst idea when it comes to non committal runs. It's even useful to allow players to face bosses without being so intimidated by them as a lot of people can be.

Could even allow casual players to explore the game beyond just eating, crafting and dying to hounds, the cold or the heat.

I'd have the mode be more compact than 1 standard year and more or less force you to take down bosses.

But honestly, when you figure out most of the patterns of the bosses, it can be pretty mundane. a couple of them are more deeper than hit dodge, hit dodge pivot step pause.

But obviously for a couple of others, there is a higher skill ceiling.

If a boss rush were to be added, hamlet bosses would be very welcome.


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