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A Huge Suggestion Idea of New Content

Last further explanation: It seems it has no point. But the point is that I want to make a crop which can have slightly less care and I think it can be in exchange of time. This is also a crop that has different proprieties than normal crop. 

I would like to suggest a bunch of new ideas which are not necessary to be accepted, but would be fun to be included in the game.



A.Wheat is designed to be a versatile and rare crop. It grows slower than normal crops but provides more great foods in exchange. Also, it doesn’t completely follow the new farming mechanics. In a few words, it is for an innovative farming experience. Other than that, Wheat is a representation of being more civilized.


B.Plant wheat seeds in a farm plot tile, it will cover the whole tile and all dirt piles are removed. This can't be done if there are crops in that tile. A tile can be planted at most 5 bags of wheat seeds and the quantity can be shown by how much seeds look like on the tile. 


C..Wheat has 5 stages. Here is the list of base time:

1.Seed(1 day) 


3 Immature(2.5days)


5.Ripe(Stays 20 days on the tile) 

6.Rot(Becomes Sprout after 1 day) 


D.In Autumn it grows the fastest with the base time. In Summer it needs 25% more time then Autumn and can wilt due to intense heat like old crops. Wilted Wheat provides the same amount of cut grass according to how much bag of seeds you planted. In Spring and Winter it needs 50% and 100% more time respectively but in Spring rains it grows as fast as Autumn. Overall it grows annually. 


E.Wheat needs at least 1% water to grow at normal speed. If not it needs 100% more time. If in the Seed State there is more than 50% water, seeds will have a possibility of 1% to at most 25% linearly to rot every 2 minutes. Rotten seeds stop growing and provide 1 to 5 rots according to how many bags of seeds you planted. 


F.Sprout, Immature and Flowering states are special to normal crops. They don't have stress points but if there is at least 1 weed in 2 tiles nearby, the whole tile of wheat (The whole tile considers 1 plant) will need 50% more time to grow. It doesn't have a stress point but It is considered crop to other normal crops (In here 1 bag equals to 1 plant. 5 bags of wheat seeds planted in 1 tile will be counted as 5 plants in that tile.), what can affect them by overcrowding.


G.Nutrition can speed up what's growth speed but not necessary. In Sprout, Immature and Flowering states, if 1 of the 3 kinds of nutrients is more than 50, it grows with less 10% time of the current condition and each bags eat 1 of that nutrient to grow to next state. If less than 50, it no longer has any speeding up effect. 


H.Other than this, each bag increases 25% time to grow. So a tile with 5 bags of seeds need 100% more time than 1 bag in the same condition. This doesn't affect Seed State. 


I.In Ripe State, players can collect the wheat with sickle(3 flints, 1 twig, 1 rope, 200 durability). A tile is divided into 4 parts so player needs to harvest 4 times in total. Each bag grows 4 wheats so you can collect 1 wheat in each part if you plant 1 bag. Up to 5 wheats each part and 20 in total each tile if you plant 5 bags of wheat seeds. Wheat stays fresh as long as it hasn't rotten. 


J. Pest: In Flowering and Ripe Stages it has 0.25% chance every minute Pest will happen. Pest is similar feature like diseases but can be used pesticides to remove. Pests have 2.5% chances per minute to spread to another part in that tile or to other tiles of wheat. Once all the parts (4) of the wheat farm plot is spread, it is destroyed, drop 2 - 3 cut grass per bag of seeds and 100% spread to the wheat farm plot nearby (1 tile). If no wheat nearby the pest will than just disappear.

(Pesticides : 2x Onion , 2x Garlic 16 uses. Remove the Pests of whole tile. )

K.A stack has 40 wheats at most. Wheat has a spoil time of 10 days but can't be eaten. 2 wheats can be crafted into a bag of wheat seeds and last 40 days. To make wheats into food, players must craft Wheat Polisher(4 Cut stones, 8 rocks, 8 flints, 2x gears, 400 durability). Click left key to open the HUD and place wheats. Then click on the Polisher with right key to start polishing the wheat. The process lasts up to 16 seconds and flours will pop up from the polisher. Each 3 wheats are converted into 2 flours, and each convert deplete 1 durability. 


O.Flour lasts much much longer that has a spoil time of 60 days. Stack up to 20 flours. It still can't be eaten. But it has crock recipes:


Sliced Bread 20 days

40 hunger 5 health 10 sanity

4x flours


Baguette 25 days

40 hunger 10 health 5 sanity 

3x flours 1x filter or sweetener


Sponge Cake 10 days

150 hunger 30 health 30 sanity

2x flours 1x butter 1x milk


Honey Cake 8 days

80 hunger 15 health 20 sanity

2x flours 2x sweeteners


Spaghetti 8 days

100 hunger 10 health 10 sanity

2x flours 1x Toma root 1x any meat


Cream Sauce Spaghetti 8 days

120 hunger 30 health 10 sanity

2x flours 1x milk 1x any meat


True Lasagna 6 days

75 hunger 20 health 5 sanity

1x flour 1x vegetable 1x meat 1x(vegetable/meat) 


Fruit Cake 8 days

80 hunger 5 health 5 sanity

2x flours 2x fruit


P.Sliced Bread and Baguette are special that can be reprocessed in the crockpot. This also enables Fist Full of Jam to be an ingredient of crockpot. 


Bread with Jam 12 days

120 hunger 40 health 40 sanity

1x Sliced bread/Baguette 3x Fist Full of jam


French Toast 12 days

90 hunger 40 health 40 sanity

1x Sliced bread 1x egg 1x sweetener 1x fruit


Garlic Bread 15 days

80 hunger 20 health 20 sanity

1x Baguette 1x garlic 2x any ingredients 


Tomato Soup with Baguette 8 days

120 Hunger 60 health 20 sanity

1x Baguette 1x garlic 1x Toma root 1x big meat


Q.Wheat seeds can only be obtained by planting random seeds in the tile that only with 1 dirt pile. If the requirement can't be fulfilled, no wheat will be possible to be grown. The chance is very low (0.5%, 1/200). Catcoons have 0.025% (1/40000) chance to vomit wheat seeds. 


R.Wheat polished in polisher also produced 2 to 3 wheat straws each time. Wheat straws can be used as fuel and equal to 2 grass. Unlike other fuels, each time may have 25% chance to produce a Plant Ash back to players. Plant ash increases 3 of each nutrient. It also has 90% chance to successfully fertilize a transplantable plant (Meaning sometime will fail). It can also be used by Wormwood to instantly increase 1 health. It can replace ash in crafting but it wouldn't vanish when dropped in the ground like ash. Wheat Straws can also be an ingredient of Rope, Straw hat and Straw roll (Same amount with cut grass, can mix). 


S. Alternative:


I love thinking of various ideas. Hope everyone can evaluate this. Maybe this would be great or this is just trash. (28/12)

Bakery: 4x cut stone, 8x charcoal

The Overall Process: Wheat Seeds > Wheat > Flour > Based Food (Bakery) > Processed Food (Crockpot)

It is like crockpot, but only be able to cook some base food like Sliced Bread and Burgette. A list of what food can be made will be shown when open and all food can only be cooked with flour. Suggesting this idea is to make wheat more unique and a more difficult crop. All base foods are inedible to Wigfrid.

Sliced Bread 10x Flours 60 seconds
Produce 4x 30 hunger 5 health 5 sanity 
20 days

Baugette 10x Flours 50 seconds
Produce 3x 40 hunger 8 health 8 sanity 
25 days

Spaghetti(Uncooked) 10x Flours 30 seconds
Produce 5x can't be eaten 
30 days

Sponge Cake 10x Flours 1x Milk 1x Butter 1x Sweetener 60 seconds
Produce 2x 100 hunger 10 health 10 sanity 
15 days

Lasagna Sheet 10x Flours 60 seconds
Produce 10x 10 hunger 1 health 1 sanity
17.5 days

Rearrange the suggested crockpot recipes:

Honey Cake 1x Sponge Cake 3x Sweeteners
150 hunger 50 health 20 sanity
8 days

Fruit Cake 1x Sponge Cake 1x Milk 2x Fruits
150 hunger 60 health 30 sanity
8 days

Spaghetti 1x Spaghetti(Uncooked) 2x Toma Roots 1x Any Meat
100 hunger 10 health 10 sanity
10 days

Cream Sauce Spaghetti 1x Spaghetti(Uncooked) 1x Onion 1x Milk 1x Any Meat
130 hunger 30 health 10 sanity
10 days

Lasagna 1x Lasagna Sheet 1x Any Meat 1x Any Vegetable 1x Any Meat/ Vegetable
75 hunger 20 health 20 sanity
8 days

Bread With Jam 1x Sliced Bread/ Baugette 1x Fist Full of Jam 2x Any Fruit
80 hunger 30 health 15 sanity
12 days

French Toast 1x Sliced Bread 1x Egg 1x Sweetener 1x Any Fruit
100 hunger 30 health 25 sanity
12 days

Garlic Bread 1x Baugette 1x Garlic 2x Any Ingredients
80 hunger 20 health 10 sanity
12 days

Tomato Soup with Baguette 1x Baugette 1x Toma Root 1x Garlic 1x Any Meats
110 hunger 30 health 30 sanity
8 days

To extend the use of base food other than these recipes, they can be used as filter that should be accepted by most recipes:

Monster Lasagna 1x Lasagna Sheet 2x Monster Food 1x Any Ingredients other than filters/ Monster Food
Produce 2x 

Veggie Burger 1x Slice Bread 1x Leafy Meat 1x Onion 1x Any Vegetable
Produce 2x

Froggle Bunwich 1x Baugette 1x Frog Leg 1x Any Vegetable 1x Any Ingredients other than filters
Produce 2x

Pierogi 1x Lasagna Sheet 1x Egg 1x Any Meat 1x Any Vegetable



I found I do too much and so I delete the content except wheat. Those should be left for Mod Creators to do. Sorry for those unimportant things.


Now my suggestion is to make wheat a new crop into the game and it is slightly different from the crop in new system.


Last further explanation: It seems it has no point. But the point is that I want to make a crop which can have slightly less care and I think it can be in exchange of time. This is also a crop that has different proprieties than normal crop. 






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1 Bag of seeds:

Fastest total growth time is 6.25 days.

Slowest total growth time theoretically is 26.5 days. (Consider completely in Winter)

1 bag of seeds provides 2 flours and 1 wheat/ 2 seeds.


5 Bags of seeds:

Fastest total growth time is 10.8 days 

Slowest total growth time theoretically is 35 days. (Consider completely in Winter)

5 bags of seeds provides 12 flours and 1 seed / 6 flours, 5 seeds and 1 wheat/ 10 seeds.


5 bags of seeds provide enough wheats to make these suggested foods:

3x Sliced of bread/Bread with Jam

4x Burgette/French Toast/Garlic Bread/Tomato Soup with Baguette

6x All cakes/Spaghetti made by flour

12x True Lasagna


Most dishes made from wheat are very filling, but not the easiest to make. Flours are very preservable as they can be put in an ice box for 90 days and. Players can mass flours and cook the dishes when needed. True Lasagna is made to be the most effective dish to fill the belly but fastest to spoil.

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