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Tip: Fast way to melt all ice in the first colony

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Tip: Fast way to melt all ice in the first colony in survival mode - The Michael Bay Fun Style


1.) Research insulated tiles and build a barrier at a tile which has 40-100 celsius, a few tiles above the magma. Your barrier fluid basin needs to contain a certain amount of fluid in it, to avoid that the involved builder dupe(s) collapse incapacitated because of the hot steam or hot cell digging..


2.) Build the barrier 3 tiles high, it will insulate very well and the dupe can still reach down to the lower barrier tile to clog it up in the next step. Initially dig right down to the magma, but enure the right timing to clog your gap up later, if desired.


3.) Clog the gap up when you have melted all of your colony ice or return at a later point - Safely in atmo suits. With the right timing and still enough water in the basin, you can clog it up with a normal dupe if you have less than half the base steamed up :lol:


If one wants to be on the safer side, then one can also build a metal door for blocking, just make sure the door is not in direct contact with the magma.


If you are already further advanced in the game, you can also build a steam room with lots of steam engines for all this, the magma will make your steam very hot and the engines will run long time. In case the steam is not hot enough, put additional aqua-tuners inside the steam room ( dupes wearing atmo suits ) to run an air conditioning system for your base.

If you get stuck in steam for too long and your dupes are collapsing, make sure you build medical bed rooms ( Hospital Rooms, safely located at the top of your base and/or contained in barred/door`ed up heat protected zones ) and set all dupes "Life Support" as default high priority. I always have these three settings on max for all dupes, that`s my setting preference.


BLUBB BLUBB - MiNi NUke ! :adoration::adoration::adoration:


Burst Shield Design - Contains the nuke spread a bit, with the melted ice field(s) water still having heat contact to the tunnel. If you need more fluid rushing through, widen the tunnel paths a bit to unclog possible gas and fluid blockages.


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The steam room is ready for steam engines, "soon" fitted by dupes in exosuits + connection to a much bigger steam room for a new rocket-steam-launch-silo :rolleyes:

~370kg steam/cell at 140 celsius ( a minute later its at 160 celsius and rising )


My first 4 hours in the game on the first asteroid in survival - This asteroid would be good for receiving 100 tons water/cycle via rocket, then I could make it the steam engine & reactor planet and completely fill it with engines+ microwave sat dish which transmits the electric power to other asteroids.

56 minutes ago, psusi said:

Why bother with hospital rooms?  They don't give any bonus.  Just slap down a triage cot anywhere.

Sometimes I feel for my little smurfs, my dear friend...A bit of the "Sims" here and there. On my 3000 cycle big map I actually had some really nice decor`s. :frog::eagerness::frog:


Hopefully some day Papa Klei Smurf will give us reactorz, bigbadabum ! :biggrin-new:

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