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Regarding the New Telescope

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So I've already trashed 3 colonies trying to figure out the interplay between the two starting planetoids and I feel like I'm finally starting to get a handle on how to manage it! I'm just starting to crack open the actual space travel/star-mapping mechanics and have hit a snag with the new telescope. That snag being: how the heck does it work?

Currently my design objective is to line the top of these new meteorless planetoids with solar panels to reduce the consumption of the much more restricted materials (although I'm just now breeding hatches on both planetoids and may be able to start sustainable coal generation on A and oil on B so it might not be necessary to create that much glass), creating breaks in the panels for a launchpad and telescope. The question is - can the telescope view through the glass? What is it's line of sight? When it says "exposed to space" in the description, does that pertain to the background as well (i.e. do I need to raise that telescope up above the literal glass ceiling and use space suits to provide oxygen for my dupes?)

Being two days after launch, googling this question returned nothing on the new 'scope and I didn't see anything in the forums about this, so I'm wondering who's got there already and has any information to offer?20201210015611_1.thumb.jpg.89abfcad8251da9606f35640a8935722.jpg

Lol, I learned something which I'll share with the rest of the class:

I had not yet technically "breached" the asteroid because I hadn't built anything in the actual space biome. Trying to see if "space exposure" meant built above the backdrop, I just got the surface breach message, and now that telescope below the glass can see just fine.

Maybe @devs you might wanna check what gets detected as a surface breach, as simply building a longer ladder felt a bit arbitrary.20201210021256_1.thumb.jpg.037fb89501eb10fdf7bee1c6aff0f2b2.jpg


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I`d assume the new telescope requirements are a copy paste of the old one (minus the size and oxygen intake). If so then it won`t work under a glass ceiling for some reason. Being exposed to space basically means being in a tile with the "space exposure" status so above the natural borders of the asteroid, being there is also the trigger to the "surface breach" message (i assume there will be a whole biome added there so it`s not as easy as building a ladder above the border). The point of the message is to warn you that gasses can vent into space now that you reachd that spot. It`s kinda pointless when there is no rocks way below the space border.

Also back to the telescope. It needs clear sky above itself to work but also clear sky a few tiles to the left and right (more to the left) and covering each reduced it`s efficiency. But it still worked if at least 1 tile was open so you could use it even if it was fully covered from above (this is probably why the telescope can work inside a rocket).

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Yeah, about the gases I'm aware I was just playing with the positioning of it before closing it up, being currently more obsessed with solving the problem than the efficiency. I made the dire mistake of relocating the telescope back to it's original position where now it's obscured skies again.

I just poked a hole above it in the glass to see if it "opened up" and that didn't work, gonna build another back on top of the glass tiles to see if that works. Once I have it in place and functioning I'll worry about airlocks ;)

...After which a curious thing happened. A small hole didn't help, and initially opening the whole thing up didn't help either. Then, it started "flickering" between obscured and not until it finally locked in as functioning. Could having gasses above it be part of the problem? The whole thing has been weird.

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7 hours ago, noseBOY said:

...does that mean it's done? Didn't even finish the airlock X).

Looks like it`s done. Doesn`t have much range sadly. Hopefully they add the old telescope for more range and give some other uses for it after everything is revealed.

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