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  1. Their really over powered in my view they gives you lots of power till you can get late game stuff up and running, if they makes the changes you want no one would use anything but plug slugs and I do not think that's right even as it is I did not use early power generators and just waited till I had steam up and running
  2. Like the new system myself, only need to list things that are really important for colony at a quick look see
  3. All I put in is a battery, diffuser, manual generator and food storage, its not like you need more for the short travel time to the first asteroid
  4. If you want the game that easy their is a NO SWEAT mode for easy play, as it is its way to easy as it is got to play with all max settings just to get a average game
  5. Was thinking myself that their should be no water geysers in first world, making it important to teleport to first world to ship water back
  6. Really need deadly critters maybe something like -Large critter that pops up at turn 100 and you need to swarm it with dupes to kill it, making larger pops something needed and would put a strain on bases and have dupes die :) -Large critter that if you get to close would come after your dupes till they move out of range and it could move true rocks, would force you to kill them to get to that area :) -Large critter that would come out in greater and greater numbers as game moves to higher turns -Could have water and land critters so you could use motes to protect your base or something -Have large space critters that you would need to guard your rockets from. No shortage of things you could do with deadly critters :)