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New space mechanics should be part of the base game

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I know this may sound odd, but there is a very good long term reason for this. Having only one dlc doesn't make it an issue at all, and if that is as far as the development will go for this game, then none of this matters. But the moment you start adding more dlc, and I'm sure you will, there will be a huge discrepancy. If a second dlc is made, will it have the vanilla space mechanics with only giant hard to build rockets or the Spaced Out space mechanics allowing you to make simpler rockets mid game and travel to other asteroids? Do you get to choose between the two? Either way it would be an issue from a player stand point.

But more importantly, doing this would solve a potential development issue. This isn't even something like don't starve's wetness mechanics, where it's used by other dlc but not the base game, because it doesn't make a change substantial enough to matter that much. But the new space mechanics are a huge change, and it will just be easier for Klei to make sure all versions of the game run better and as intended on top of that. The don't starve dlc have so many weird holes and specific features that differ just enough from the base game that it's annoying to keep track of as a player already in features that already exist that playing without dlc just seems like a previous version of the game you haven't updated, and the bugs, particularly with seasons are seemingly unfixable and I think you would be repeating this all over again with different space mechanics for ONI.

All the new creatures, materials, the radiation mechanic, teleportation, all can stay as part of the dlc, even the new rocket engines and the rover, but the mechanics of the rockets and travel to planetoids would be beneficial long term for developers and not cause a potentially confusing mess for other players not owning specific dlc. May be wait a while until you release another dlc to do this, but definitely do this at some point. The new mechanics are better overall, but the old ones lingering like this with future dlc could make it a nightmare to work with just as much as it would be to decide what dlc to play with.

For some side notes, I'm hoping we see hydrogen, steam and petroleum engines in coming updates for this version of the game. Still wondering what will happen to meteor showers as we don't have renewable ways of getting ore and end up with nothing to feed plug slugs or make oxygen masks with. Also I love the idea of having the next dlc add fire, combustion and explosion mechanics to the game like someone suggested in another thread. May be yet another dlc could deal with gravity? That sounds fun.

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As a long-suffering player of the Paradox company's games, there are 2 usual solutions for vidya with loads and loads of DLC:

  1. The good version: features from DLC #1 gradually get passed backwards to the vanilla game as and when necessary because e.g. DLC #5 ends up relying on them. It basically becomes the case that buy buying DLC #1 you're not so much buying the DLC #1 content as you are buying the DLC #1 content early, because 3 years later all that content will probably have migrated to vanilla for free
  2. The bad version: DLC features have to be specifically designed to be compartmentalised and minimally interactive with the features of other DLCs, such that the problems OP describes are minimised - although in exchange you end up with a game where lots of mechanics feel disjointed, and don't synergise together at all
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