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Ancient archive, lunar island and some suggestions

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Hello, i like klei's ideas. They are very creative. First, while playing especially lunar island feels empty. I just go there for explore and stone fruits. After get what i need i dont visit it again. So same with the archive. When the update first came, i was very excited. But its just for renew thulecite without reset the caves and landscaping tab. Plase correct me if i am wrong but they are just only new biomes with different mobs. Why should i go there for the 3rd time. I am not a creative person so i cant suggest anything for them but i trust klei.

Second, i really like winter feast. So klei please sell new winter feast theme belonging skins. For example ● pig house skin like gingerbread pig houses. Chest skins like you offer limited time skins during the event. Firepit skin like fireplace with ornaments.(christmas theme scaled furnace may be) New item like santa claus slide for beefalos. ●And please let us to plant different flowers. Like potted fern, roses, lune tree blossoms etc.instead of fern or a new flower planter item like mushroom planter. So we can decorate our bases with different potted flowers we like.● A new hollow tree (with very little space) like hollow stump but this one is for our characters. So we can put a few chest inside of it. It should not allow us to build firepit inside so it cant be a home. Just a storeroom.Thats it for now. Thanks.

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