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  1. Oh.. it always reset my world and learned recipes also while playing with friends it resets their map progression too. Because of that we use cartographers desk. :/ so if its not a game feature its annoying.
  2. When you change your character with using moon rock idol, its normal your new character doesnt know any recipe and coming without exploration world. (For exploration you can use cartographers desk.) But after using forest florid postern you should come back to forest again. Coming back to cave is not normal. This is what i know.
  3. When you put ice on the ground, they are rotting but not melting. They stay there forever.
  4. Dear Klei Team, I guess there is a bug at beefalo taming information. I'm trying to tame a beefalo but it still says only beefalo's health situation. So i cannot see if i'm doing it true or wrong. If you are available can you check it, please? Thank you, Your fan.