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Will Alpha Save Files Work in Early Access?

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It depends on what you will want to see in the alpha.

I would assume that your savegame is still working, but you might be missing out on a few things that are added in to the map generation.

I did not reveal the map, so i am not sure what other planets are hidden under the fog, still i expect more planets, elements, critters and such to be added every now and then.

One of those times is likely to be the release of EA. If you are fine with missing out on the new content (that is not buildable by your dupes), then you should be able to continue your old colony.

I think we should all be prepared to create a new colony with every bigger patch in the EA period. But nonetheless an extra FAQ answer in each update post on whether a restart is required to experience certain content (planets, elements, critters, plants) will be highly appreciated.

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