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Rain water gathering idea

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New gardening system comes new mechanic: watering the crops. The main problem in my opinion will be water sources, because sometimes ponds aren't near your base or your base is located in the center of the land, far away from the sea. Because of that you might waste some time for finding nearest water source or resources for making few watering cans to take more water with you. I thought that good way of removing this problem is to make some sort of barrel (or something else) that will collect water from rains. With this structure in your base, you won't need to go anywhere just to get some water for your crops.

I made some sort of collecting structure out of Tackle Receptacle to visualize you how it could look (instead of classic barrel colector - which i think will be better and will fit in Don't Starve design ). Of course im not a grpahic designer so it look reeeeeally bad, but you get the idea.

Thanks for reading!


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Love this idea. 

Another idea could be a desalination machine constructed by Winona. Most bases are near the sea.It could cost wires, salt crystals, boards.  Please give Winona more machines to build.  Please use the wires that accumulate in the ruins.



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