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Bulbous Hat - Wormwood Exclusive Craft

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Disclaimer: I think I'm pretty bad at balancing concepts but I really wanted to get this thought of mine out there, whether or not people would like it or not. Thanks!

Bulbous Hat - Gathering has never been faster!
Crafting requirements - Repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station
1 Meat Bulb, 1 Green Gem, 4 Living Logs

The Bulbous Hat has infinite durability, but the wearer's life is slowly leeched away (1 HP every 3-5 seconds?)
Finally, what the Bulbous Hat actually does is it helps the wearer gather anything that is currently being picked. It does this by spawning (2?) eyeplants that sprout from the ground and disappear, similar to the lureplant, and they will gather any nearby materials and put them into your inventory just like a Lazy Forager. The Bulbous Hat can also help the wearer very slightly in combat, but the eyeplants will not gather aggro (?).
As this hat is made from a lureplant, it has its downsides as well, one being the health drain over time, another being that the eyeplants will not spawn on inappropriate turf, and the third being that any food gained this way will be at half its freshness, just like the lureplant. To make this hat more of a Wormwood exclusive, I wonder if causing the eyeplants to attack any non-Wormwood wearer who moves close enough to the eyeplants is balanced or not, causing other characters to have to rely on the Bulbous Hat's used ability.

One final ability the Bulbous Hat has to offer is that the player can use it to hide, exactly like a Bush Hat, and when the player is hiding the hat will function just like a lureplant, spawning all possible eyeplants, either shielding the player from harm or gathering everything in the area.

That's about all I can think of mentioning, if anyone can expand on this concept or give any constructive criticism, that'd be great!

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1 hour ago, Hornete said:

Personally I feel Ancient Psuedoscience Machine wouldnt be the right station to craft it at (Maybe a celestial altar? Plants and Moon are kind of linked) But other than that I like this idea.

I like that a lot more, I decided the ancient pseudoscience station because it was a lategame station, but the celestial altar seems much more fitting, and lategame!

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