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PCI latency, performance and optimization

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Maybe, this information be useful for optimization.

I have tested some configurations of my PC for performance improving.

When BIOS parameter "PCI latency timer" set to "32" (minimal value)

- game freezes have slightly reduced (from 7-10 secs to 5-7) and freeze has very fast start (game get full stop) and fast end

- sound glitches has gone (at all)

When value set to "128" (maximal value)

- game frezes have strongly increased (from 7-10 secs to 12-15) and freeze begins and ends slowly, not so hardly as "32" variant

- sound glitches appears: background soundtracks break timings and loose synchronism.



Some more checkups by Win Resource Monitor.

Cycle of freeze is: uprises peak of "Hard Faults" (counts 1-2 sec), after uprises long peak of Disk Usage and Disk Queue Length (counts 5-6 sec), after uprises small peak CPU Usage.

No one time CPU Usage reaches more 90%.

No one time memory usage reaches more 85%.

I'm going to change pagefile allocation and checkup again.


Intel Core 2 Quad "Kentsfield" Q6600 2.4GHz (overclocked to 3.0 GHz), 2x4 GB RAM DDR3 1333, HDD WD 7200 rpm 64 MB buffer size, MB MSI G41m-P26 (chipset ICH7), VIA VT 1708S Intel sound system, DX11, Win 7SP1


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Sorry, but what? PCI-latency timings are deprecated. Do you still run a PCI graphics card? Nowadays everything is PCI-E, that does not use that anymore. Judging from your CPU name, you run a really old system. I dont think your testing will help anyone else out there, because this feature is not used anymore. But, if you want to tamper around with this any further, be aware, you can run into all kinds of problems, even data loss. So be careful. And btw.: 32 is the default value, and everything should be just fine with that, unless you run into some real strange incompatibilities with tv-cards for example. Then you may set it a bit higher, but never ever was 128 a good choice at all. No hardware out there was ever designed for that.

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Do you still run a PCI graphics?

Can you read my post attentively? Is there any word about graphics? Maybe, ONI need GPU power like as AC: Valhalla or Doom Eternal? And do you really think there are only one PC with PCI support in chipset?

Sound glitches with game freezings and PCI parameters effect on its. Other games have no sound glitches. I guess ONI has some non-optimized sound processes.

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On 12/2/2020 at 10:42 AM, cpy said:

Dude upgrade to at least 2005 PC and you won't have to deal with that ancient PCI technology.

Is yout GPU still in AGP slot?

Don't you guys buy SSDs? Have more than 1 core CPU?

Dude, I will upgrade just to 2020 when you pay this upgrade bill, alright?

One more for slow brain: all of glitches and freezes associate with SOUND. CPU, RAM, HDD and graphic card NEVER overloaded in tests.

I plan an experiment to turn off sound on hardware level and test game.

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