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Updating the Klei Rewards Page To Include More Past Twitch Drops?

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Is it possible to update the past Klei Rewards page to include more of the past Twitch drops? 

The only sets currently available on the Rewards page is the Circus Set and two hunter themed skins for an Axe and Shovel. (I think the hunter themed skins are also redeemable by spools oddly enough?)

We've got a lot of twitch skins since the Circus Set, so it'd be nice if we could redeem some more of them in case others have missed the opportunity to redeem them.

(Pssssttt, like me. I've got 4800 Klei points just sitting there and I missed the Shadow Manipulator skin) : P

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If I'm not wrong, I think the current Crystalline Collection skin set is just the second set of twitch skins so far, so once they finish up this current collection, they'll have a new theme to go with and the skins will be added to the rewards page.

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