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A short DST comic

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I drew an experience we had without knowing where to post it, but a friend reminded me of these forums :D

So, um, we basically like to sail a lot, especially after we found out it's actually pretty easy to survive like that. So I'm usually in charge of the steering while my mate tends to the boat.



But this one time, he went away to check the wikis to get info on something new for us, and I had the great idea to scout the map to find things to  ̶k̶i̶l̶l̶  hunt. Usually spiders, lots of spiders. (note: we weren't keen on fishing yet)




Then, while I'm looking at the map all over the place, I hear him yelling at me like "OI IDIOT, WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!". Before I knew it we were heading head first into this one isolated rock right in front of us.




(Note: We also had 3 sails, I was just too lazy to draw them, so there was no time to react)



Another big brain move: When my mate told me to make boat patches I went "Don't worry, I got this, we won't need them" :dejection:



Those were the early experiences of sailing. I also crashed the boat 5 more times that day, it was a bad day...

And on a last note: I drew this bonus but am already at the upload size limit, so
here's a link

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