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i cant find most of my art rn lol but here's some wolfgang pics



i just think klei should add an animation where he wags his tail. would give me a lot of serotonin

oh also i dont think this counts as art but since i technically drew on it ill add it as a little bonus.... my little meow meow


older drawing of wes but with curly hair


i have a bit of a mime obsession


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5 hours ago, gaymime said:

some of your images are broken. try uploading them directly from your computer instead?

errr weird... i'm fairly certain i uploaded them all directly and they look fine on my end? which ones are broken for you

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On 10/28/2020 at 10:56 AM, taako bell said:




It'd be cute if Klei did another Hollowed Nights animation with Wimpgang going all friendly.:wilson_ecstatic:

Wes in a world of his own.:wilson_ecstatic:


13 hours ago, taako bell said:


Not sure why but this version gives off a older movie/pulp novel vibe in the brush strokes. Beautiful touch on this one.

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five foot nothin and im royalty. short king mama ay. et cetera et cetera.


i hc wes as cane user because i like to project onto characters 


clip studio crashed immediately after i finished this one and i may or may not have incurred the wrath of god


very not proud of this webber but it is far too late to edit him now

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omggg i havent posted here in nearly 3 years i like. completely forgot about this topic and all this art LOL. i just got back into playing dont starve & drawing all the characters again ^_^



maybe i should make a new topic im kind of embarrassed by all the old stuff on here. or i'll just redraw it all

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