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what it this of "build-420700"?

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5 hours ago, JRup said:

It should also get crammed into a help menu or something instead of being that ugly watermark. Although I guess it works for knowing the version in some screenshots. Meh.

I personally like the watermark for that exact reason.  The game has changed a lot, and it is important to know how old a picture is to know if what you are seeing is still in the game.  Though I feel it could be smaller.

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Its placed at a non disturbing point on screen (and i believe there is a mod out there, that removes the watermark). And yes its important for pictures and videos to see from what version it is. So much has changed, and so many solutions from back in the days dont work anymore. So if you see a video with an old version and there is something realy special going on, check if its still possible. Or if someone complains about bugs, they may have been fixed long ago, but the video is still there. 

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