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Strident Trident cast should "uproot" bull kelps

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Like the title says. There is currently no way to turn planted bull kelp into "dug" version so relocating existing plants via boat pushing is long and boring process. Trident itself doesn't have much use at the moment despite its blueprint being a boss drop so that nice feature would bring more utility to both ocean's plentiful but hardly obtainable bull kelps and trident itself.

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Everyone says this, all the damn time, and all the damn time, I AGREE, IT SHOULD, I have tridents and they aren't even worth making for the Crab king.
Also, at first, I haven't even got the trident's blueprint by defeating the crab king, I rollbacked the loot stash until I got it, later I defeated the crab and well, it really is bad, it should have likeĀ 200 uses on the sea, even more really, for the price we pay and the pain we go, this should be the Thulecite club of the sea or have more uses besides destroying salt and rocks.

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