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Characters Disappear when they move downward.

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Currently as it stands, the Princess Rosalina [Beta] mod character that i've been devving alongside Hornet and Canis causes characters to disappear when they walk downwards. The glitch started occurring when we added in new anim files for the star_staff prefab







even characters apart from rosa disappear too






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38 minutes ago, thomas4846 said:

Is this a cave world?

If it's a cave world only problem i don't really know but if it's a problem for cave and no caves than is it okay if i can get a client_log with a world without caves.

the glitch occurs on both cave and noncave worlds

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Just now, Well-met said:

care to explain?

I was poking around in modmain and i changed something within the PrefabFiles table. If memory serves me correctly i added a previously missing prefab. Upon testing i discovered the glitch no longer replicated itself on new worlds.


The glitch also no longer reproduced itself on a day 13 world where it had previously done so:


On my oldest, day 712 save, though, the glitch is still present...  huh. 

I did push an update to implement the fix now! Though if there be any problems reappearing do feel free to tell me.

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