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  1. do you mean it loads than closes or just doesn't work in general
  2. priority compares the size so items with a larger sanity gain should also have a larger priority when using a component i recommend using the components code as reference to know how it works
  3. 1. Go to the file location and replace it with cmd 2. If the atlas/anim/build is already there type in "krane anim.bin build.bin <file_name>" -<file_name> is what the folder will be called just don't add spaces 3. ENJOY
  4. function ItemAffinity:AddAffinity(prefab, tag, sanity_bonus, priority) table.insert(self.affinities, {prefab = prefab, tag= tag, sanity_bonus = sanity_bonus, priority = priority}) self:RefreshAffinity() end You may have your tags and prefabs in the wrong order so like this instead: "inst.components.itemaffinity:AddAffinity("redgem", nil, -TUNING.DAPPERNESS_TINY, 1)"
  5. inst:DoPeriodicTask(TIME, function(inst) local item = "YOUR_ITEM" local item_ = "ANOTHER_ITEM" if item ~= nil then local x, y, z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() item.Transform:SetPosition(x + math.random() - .5, SHED_HIEGHT, z + math.random() - .5) item_.Transform:SetPosition(x + math.random() - .5, SHED_HIEGHT, z + math.random() - .5) end return item end end) I think that would make it only shed one item because the component only has one shedprefab so it would replace the other one so i made this one just in case it doesn't work, this is from the shedder component (sorry for shoddy coding) you'll need to replace some variables so i put them in capital letters
  6. These should be the download links sorry I'm in school rn can't help too much
  7. You use Krane to extract it ( they`re mostly broken tho) Or you can use text tools to extract the images alone from the atlas
  8. nvm got it working (btw @thomas4846 if you want me to explain or summit it's not my code tho)
  9. Is there a way to get rid of the hand but not the entire arm as well? (btw ik i use a stupid ms paint circle) inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("fx_wipe", "wilson_fx", "fx_wipe") --example would it require something like this? replacing the grab hand with nothing inst.AnimState:Hide("ARM_carry") or can i use something like this instead? i'd like to just use this and hide the symbol for hand -edit: any help would be epic
  10. if inst.components.pickable ~= nil then --inst:AddComponent("pickable") maybe not too sure inst.components.pickable.onpickedfn = OnPickedfn end