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  1. watching my friends die and stealing their food, so i like to join on day 30
  2. how many times did you reroll?
  3. fuel weaver is not too hard but has enough variation with attacks to make him hard and fun to fight
  4. too keep it serious, i guess, it may be an interesting idea but i believe that the addition of new characters won't increase the quality of the game much but for the people that do it may be a worth while addition however with most content being on land and especially in the caves would it really be a good idea? it's a fine idea in theory but i don't believe that with the amount of stuff we can do in the ocean can validate this as a good idea ... yet
  5. @Canis you fool, blinded by love and passion you do not see clearly . Do we need Walani, truly?
  6. [Poll] Twitch/YouTube

    i'd rather not watch someone play a game like this because half the time it's kinda un-eventful but i don't mind chatting to the streamer in a 5 view stream shut up i have friends
  7. i'd like it as a new biome
  8. I'm an edge lord ( yeah i use tragic torch )
  9. Wheeler in DST

    you picking a fight with canis
  10. [Poll] On Food Sources

    as a webber main i prefer to home manufacture most food
  11. Deerclops is a she?

  12. i'm not sure i like this