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Some questions that frustrated me (UI, daily reports, diposal of abundunt resources)

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I'm quite new to ONI, start playing one year ago, some problems bother me a lots and I would like to know if there is solution existed

1. Building UI

overlay and building panel occupied large area of my screen and I can't find a way to minimize or move away them, and whenever I want to build at very edge of map, for example power wire or automation wire, these panels always block and I have to move my cursor very carefully and slowly to build them

- I really need an default option to move or minimize the panels, they are useful for beginners but useless blocks ltr then, I searched for mods but I haven't found any helping about this



2. daily report show a lots of details is great but it is hard to check past cycles activities, I have to just click "Prev" again and again and one by one to see specific food is procceed successfully eaten

- I wonder if we can have an option to merge cycle X to cycle Y summary, so I can check like "XXX cals of Pacu fillet is eaten" between cycle X and Y, in addition it might be better if we can just have reports saved into merged one, for example, I will no longer want to see first 10000 cycle reports in details, I just want them presented in merged in saved files, or only load merged reports in dynamic memory



3. resources in million tons that I want to delete like regolith 

although we can store them with sweep only bin like this



but in the end they become a long list in piles, I think there is a limit size of each stacks and this doesn't really help to memory in long term especially I'm playing in 8G RAM


so far I have only one idea to dispose regolith or sand without feeding critter is that melting them in space with rocket heat

it would be even easier and cheaper if we can use space material pump magma without overheating into space

or possibly a blackhole in starmap allow us to dump excess resouces into it with high tier rocket research tech


4. schedule & priorities and door restrictions list

although schedule & priorities panel are very good in first 10 duplicants, but beyond ltr then, managing more duplicants is really hard to do with panels

it is getting me confused more and more when I have more duplicants to decide their job, work area, time in good details


and most importantly, I can't move or shift down or up among different schedules


4.1 add Group section



I think I really need Group section to improve this feature, something like this ( it would help and improve at Door restrictions and priorities )


and then move priorities management inside group schedule section, so we can just easily changing just ONE group but NOT ALL duplicants specific job like digging to X 


and clicking into group section show the schedules in the group like currently do



4.2 Door restrictions




it really bothers me when I want to decide who can enter which area, I have to drag down and find specific one duplicant and click allow or denial to access

if we have group section as above said, we can just simply default denial to entire group access



5. Need copy settings

I literally click leave empty or deliver  suit one by one for each atmo suit dock, shouldn't there is an copy option?


6. Command capsule and space scanner

this is the case, duplicant with jet suit may enter command capsule but can't exit it without gantry

I'm just lazy to build a gantry, that makes me have to deconstruct command capsule to set duplicant free

and this indirectly cause a second problem, I descontruct the rocket, by default space scanner that scan the rocket would return to scan meteor, by my automation it would then open bunker door when meteor strikes, and then I can't disable space scanner or "scan none" but have to deconstruct the wire or the space scanner, then reconstruct after I rebuild the rocket




Most features in ONI are good and fun, but come in more deep details there are a lots of spaces can be improved in future, I'm also can't wait to see we can build multiple colonies simultaneously even though I wonder if my laptop may follow, keep up good works! 



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1) You can select any other overlay, say "f6," and then select it again so that you get the normal overlay but you still have the building command on. I find this especially useful for overlays that create A LOT of lag lategame, like decor and power. Without this trick, it took me like 5 minutes to place 20 batteries on cycle 1800.

3) I very much suggest the "blackhole bin" mod. Basically you get a new bin that instantly deletes its contents. It has some bugs so i suggest using it with care, either supervise directly while u set it to accept a resource or have it handled by sweepers with automation only. I'm not sure if it was fixed, but a potentially dangerous behaviour is that it is treated as an "operation building", meaning dupes will move the desired materials to it even from higher priority bins. In a nutshell, if you select a material, that material will go extinct no matter what.

6) Although it doesn't sound fair, I simply let the astronauts become part of the machine and never get out of the rocket. Plus, I use an open space hangar and have astronauts (and only astronauts) have access to jet suits to reach their command capsules (thay can enter even in jet suits). Then I keep the jet suits dock in case i need to change configuration, although that doesn't need to happen if you plan ahead. You can also have normal duplicants access the open hangar with jetsuits, but it's not necessary and needs to be done with a lot of caution to avoid jet suited dupes being able to get outside the hanger and make you pc explode with pathfinding calculation (happened to me once, the computer simply froze indefinitely).
This allows me to skip scanners ENTIRELY, while still having access to regolith. If too much piles up, I just dispose of it with the blackhole bin.
The process is not automated of course but requires very little interaction in exchange for much needed practicality.

I agree on all other points, ESPECIALLY 4.1. With many dupes in the end game, doors are incredibly laggy and selection takes forever. What you are offering would be SUPER useful.

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For point 3, IIRC a single stable with 13 voles should be able to get rid of all regolith that falls from the sky. That's a problem for very old colonies (2000+ cycles) and a single small stable seems to me a very viable solution.

I can't think of anything else of which you cannot control the production.

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On 9/13/2020 at 9:56 PM, gghhrr said:

but in the end they become a long list in piles, I think there is a limit size of each stacks and this doesn't really help to memory in long term especially I'm playing in 8G RAM

Each pile is an entity that the thermodynamics engine is applied to.  That is why you should only put a single item type in a storage bin late in the game.  4 or 5 types turns into 4 or 5 thermo evaluations.  A single type in a bin will simply average the temperature and skip the thermo calculations.  The same is applied to debris stacks.  A single stack of a single debris type is averaged when more is added to the stack.  Once it splits into two stacks, new material will get averaged with the stack it joins, then both stacks will be evaluated for thermal energy transfers.

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