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Hey i require some base building tips

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Hey i have been playing dont starve together for quite some time and one of my favorites aspects of it is how i make my base however i am having issues making a good base desing for oasis bases,since they are generally considered the best biome to base in generally or in summer if the caves arent a thing (either they disabled it or their pc cant physically run it)

I want some of your ideias of how to make bases in oasis since most of the time we dont have a proper layout for our base,it becomes a mess 

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I dont consider myself "amazing" at making bases pretty, but whatever. Anyway you should get geometric placement mod(if you can), 

it helps with base-layout a lot. Here is a start of an oasis base me and some other people made on a public server, the fences are not my idea but they look nice imo though now that i think about it maybe broken walls would be better as decoration, since they don't block the way. Firepit on one end and endopit on other end, symmetry is nice.1632526942_ScreenShot2020-08-26at10_56_33AM.thumb.png.aff6ff675edbeb18e7da1b75ee15b4a0.png

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Here's the ideal layout for a base:


-Ice Flingomatic covering most of the base

-Several pig houses (unless playing as a monster)

-Fire pit

-Endothermic fire pit outside of flingomatic range

-Alchemy engine

-Hat machine (idk how to spell prestillihatilitator)

-Chests (at least 10)

-Ice boxes / Salt boxes surrounded by crock pots

-If dragonfly is killed, scaled furnace

- An area for dropping unused tools

-Farm (not required)

-Berry bushes

-Grass tufts/Grass geckos

-Saplings/Twiggy trees


-Drying racks



Ideal places to base and reasons to base there:


Close to beefalo. Beefalo can be found in the savannah (yellow grassy looking turf) and provide protection from hounds, frogs and other threats. They can also be killed for their meat, wool and horns. Don't base right next to them though, they will become hostile towards everything during spring.


In the oasis. The oasis is located inside antlion's desert. Its a patch of green grass with a dry lake inside the desert. The lake fills up in summer if there is nothing in it. There are also cacti in the desert that, when eaten cooked, restore sanity. The oasis is a good place to base, because nothing inside it can combust during summer. Do be aware that things outside the oasis can combust and light things inside on fire. 


Near a cave entrance. This will allow you easy access to the caves. Do be aware that opened sinkholes spawn hostile bats during dusk.


Next to pig king. If you find a cobblestone path, walk along it. Theres a 50% chance that at the end of the road, there is a pig village with berries, grass, saplings, pig houses and the pig king. This is one of the best locations to base, since there are already planted resources and pigs for food/labor, and most importantly, a pig king that exchanges trinkets for gold.


Close to the ocean. The ocean has fishes, which are a year round food source if you know how to fish. It also is a good place to escape to against certain mobs. Just do be aware that boating is rather dangerous.


Anywhere. Honestly, there are good base locations in every biome, but they all have their downsides. The bee biome can supply you with honeycombs for your own bee boxes, the forest has plenty of trees and spiders, the rocky biome has its useful turf and also rocks, and so does the mosaic biome. But both biomes can rain meteors on your base. There is no best base position. 


Good Luck!

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When I did my base in oasis, I outlined the default grass patches with birchnut trees. This made for a smallish tree farm. I also planted around 30 saplings and grass tufts nearby for convenience because the desert is barren of basics. Make sure you have both regular and endothermic firepit, ice boxes, and ice flingomatic. From there you just need the base essentials, Alchemy Engine, farms, chests, etc.

If the oasis is by the ocean, even better, but not necessary for surviving, but if the oasis isn't near any other biomes or the ocean, you'll have to do more work to survive. 

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