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a simple tip for Job Suitability

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If your an achievement hunter like me you may have encounter the counter reset bug for the Job suitability Achievement, the bug goes: whenever a day starts the cycle counter reset back to zero BUT I dont think its really bugged. When the day starts again the counter assumes you failed it that why its back to zero but, if were able to make every dupe do a chore while wearing an exosuit for that cycle the cycle counter will continue counting.

So my tip is...
1. Make sure the first thing they do is wear an exosuit, so what I did is I block all path except the path from the bedroom to the exosuit checkpoint
2. For 10 cycle in a row, always check the achievement if every dupe is done doing a chore if they did you can make a save at that point, so that and if the day is done and one or two of them havent done a chore with an exosuit you can just reload the game and force dig/build/mop/etc them to get them to do chores.
3. Dont put it on auto pilot, dont assume that because their all wearing exosuit you can just leave them for 10cycles and get the achievement easily.


and thats all, Im also trying to get all achievement in one go. Hopes this could help you

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I have a simple way to get that achivement, make a shower room, only one way in and out, build atmo suit dock and checkpoint at the entrance of bathroom, last, make sure every duplicants have very LOOOOOOONG bath time

that's it

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