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  1. Yes, i isolated all other igneous rock before. Obsidian is used up with tempshipft plates to reset temperature in a cooled "room", so it is "cooled down" from ~1300c to ~20c in a second. Once the Lava Biome was so scary, it looked so dangerous, so very, very RED! But it seems its more like a walk in spring.
  2. way too easy! Just dig down, use the material to build tempshift plates to reset temperature and vioala.. My actual challenge is to freeze Adiros Lava Biome. But on the way i see its really easy. It took me about 30 Cicles to remove the half Lava Biome and when i deconstruct the tempshifts and rebuild them the lava biome will be down to 100c in maybe next 50 Circles?? i am not sure it the temperature reset when you build something is still a feature. It feels like a bug.
  3. Hi, all asteroids replenish their resources at a certain speed so they will never run empty. When you select a target on your rocket you can see on the selected command capsule how many resources are left. If there is less mass available on the asteroid than your cargo bay can hold you get what is available and the remaining storage keeps empty. br
  4. Yeah! Edit: Tested a bit, savegame works, game seems very stable. Thanks, good work! Also a good weekend to the whole ONI Team!
  5. One question: do you modify games yourself? i guess no...
  6. Hi, very good video! On almost all Videos i miss the part the player paints the buildings and the Dupes actually build them. (maybe because most of the videos are made in debug mode) So i especially like the second part of your video. Thumbs up, well done!
  7. Fish Feeder

    Yes, i have compared to my fish-pool and i noticed now on your screenshot a full feeder is shown. And it is not possible to just select one type of fish, so this is also no reason why your fish don't react. My Fish-Pool: The fish swim up to the feeder once a day. Have you checked pathfinding of one fish? Maybe they are bugged and stuck? And as i know fish survive in almost all liquids.
  8. no, but they can dig diagonally throu tiles
  9. Fish Feeder

    A stable is not necessary, his setup should work. edit: Maybe he is out of algae or rangers or wrong priorities..
  10. Hi, nice video, good work! But one small point: if you generally place your solar-panels this way (pic) you can place at least one more panel.
  11. you personally are the reason i made this in my actual base
  12. Thank you very much. I also have troubles cooling my robo miners but i decided its easier to rebuild and build them all at once when one of them gets damaged. This saves a lot of time and lasts for a good amount of circles. In EA period i tried to not explore all content and this is my first time i built a liquid oxygen production station. But its not that hard, just do it. Space is really good stuff but the amount of regolith is still annoying... Here some screenshots of older bases:
  13. Hi! Yes Would be nice if mods would pin such a screenshot-Thread. I always get lost in details when i look at other peoples bases. screenshots also help me find some small issues to optimize in my own bases. this screenshot already showed me some details i could make better. And the art style of the game is so cute, i could (and do) watch dupes doing weird things all day. I use tempshift and drywalls in my base were they are mostly unimportant for design reasons. I have so many hours in that game that beating the games is not really a challenge anymore but designing a adorably base still is. There are 3 reasons: 1. for design and variety 2. adding more mass in the base helps stabilizing temperature in the long run 3. get rid of some material i have too much (mostly igneous rock and mafic rock) At the moment i am trying to make new patterns because tempshifts alone are boring. Next few hundred circles i plan to redesign my base and fly to the rift. my next task and new base will be a "perfect desinged base". And another Screenshot: My Space-Program is really simple designed, rockets are only semiautomated.
  14. Base porn (again)

    Temperature Overlay would be interesting. and circle nr.
  15. I like screenshots of other peoples bases so today another one from my actual Rime-Base. Nothing special.. just another base...