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  1. ONI on Stadia

    Hi, yes, "fine" is relative. I can't exactly remember the FPS but when i took care in the base i guess it was between 20-30 FPS at late-game. It was very playable and as i said, i only got heavy lags when i messed up my base and had too many open tasks. My old PC is already disassembled. So, i am sorry, can't do the Brenchamrk anymore but would had been interesting. And sure, on my "new" computer, i5, ocatcore , 32 GB Ram but still gforce 860, ONI runs of course a lot smoother. - but far away from lags when i follow the rules. And i am not sure if pathfinding is the only reason, maybe too many flashing icons also contribute.. but i dont know, i have not tested a lot on this issue.
  2. ONI on Stadia

    Hi! My old system was an i4 (dualcore), 3GB Ram, 860 gforce and when i kept my base clean (not much debris lies around) and i had no tons of delivering tasks a 2500 circle base with up to 24 dupes was no problem. Maybe you have to many open tasks for your dupes? This is the only reason i have lags. And i can reproduce the lag/no lag every time i want - just give a "clean up" command to the whole map and there is the lag... Keep your base clean and limit tasks (escecially delivering/clean up tasks) to your dupes and oni runs fine!
  3. Hi! Have about 10% afk time.