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This may seem unfair, as the LEDENDARY POTATO CUP it the most powerful object in existence, but I have an idea!

First, you need to kill Fuelweaver with only your fists

Then you must kill Ancient Guardian while wearing only a grass suit

The Ancient Guardian will then drop THE POTATO KEY! Which you then need to insert it into the Gateway, Then kill the Ancient Potatoweaver! Which is Fuelweaver with Misery Toadstool health.

Then, the Potatoweaver will drop 1 Potato Gem. You will need to do all this over again until you have 8 potato gems.

You then need to Go to the crab king, and insert the 8 potato gems into it and fight a maxed out crab king.

Crab King will drop a potato bird, which you need to poison like a cannary, and drop it next to MISERY TOADSTOOLS cap, which will turn him into Potatostool

You the need to kill Potatostool (Misery toadstool but with 4 extra digits of health and is intakill) to get the Potato cup FRAGMENT

You then need to do ALL this 11 MORE TIMES then you must put the 12 potato fragments into a Scaled Chest

And then, on a full moon, the chest will turn into the POTATO CHEST, and inside it, will be the LEGENDARY POTATO CUP!!!!!

It has no durability, and you can drink from it for an all stat boost and place it on your head to have all mobs be neutral to you, (Even Webber can befriend pigs) and have players bow down to you.

You did it, you beat the game

At least until I make the rest of the LEGENDARY POTATO DISHWARE and the LEGENDARY POTATO THRONE

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