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The king of good ideas suggests a rework to the glommer's statue

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Tired of the anxiety of walking to the glommer's statue hoping it isn't a mundane and disrespected stump?

Do you miss looking at the monument of every player's buzzy best friend?

Well, I have a solution to these woes;
Glommer's statue should be repairable using pieces of marble in a similar fashion to repairing the moonstone with moonrock or stone walls with rocks.

Many worlds, public servers and private streamer servers WILL rollback to save a glommer's statue, some even going as far as spawning a new one via console and quite frankly, these are excessive measures to fix a problem that doesn't even affect survival rates of the characters.

allow us to repair glommer's statue with pieces of marble. even allow us to have stages of repair so some players can choose to have half mined statue that makes it look post apocalyptic.

Also, if glommer is killed, allow for a glommer's sketch drop

Plz bro, plz

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