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Hey Grifters,

We're cleaning up stuff for next week's release, and enabling/disabling the last pieces of content for that build. There are two new promoteds to check out in this one, and some card fixes.



  • Enabled the promoted defs for the Jakes Runners and the Laborers
  • Disabled Smith in the dailies (for now... he's not tuned enough for the release build!)


  • Fixed bug where Tracer had no defend_amt defined
  • Thick Shell now displays the amount of Defense it grants as its number of stacks
  • Energy Loop now uses the Heal keyword
  • Added a target_type to Rubble
  • fixed description of Rook's Lever card
  • made bundle drafts mutually exclusive with other draft types
  • Fix broken snackrifice timing caused by spawning a seedling on Glofriam's side.
  • added missing target_type to energy_loop
  • Fix crash with tough and angry description outside of combat. Also amend description for clarity.


  • Fixing the layout of the fight/negotiation objective text on the top bar

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