Randomized card cost graft

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5 hours ago, Mooagain said:

The graft changes the base cost, so any other effects would apply after

See, I thought so as well based on the negotiation graft that reduces the cost of 1+ energy cards to 1, in which case you could manipulate the cost further down. However, when using the combat graft that randomizes the cost between 0 and 2, the cost of cards didn't seem to change change regardless of what I did. For example, the cost of Cheap Shot wouldn't go down when all of my cells were empty, Jolt wouldn't discount when I had loads of Overcharge, and Vent wouldn't budge when I was fully charged.

In that regard, I couldn't tell whether the "reduce the cost of a random card in hand" graft did anything either.

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Effects that change the cost of cards don’t work together very well right now. Or at least they don’t work in a way that is intuitive. By all means do bring this up, so that the devs can fix it. 

I think the biggest issue is that when two effects apply “at the same time”, it’s very hard for the player to predict which one takes precedence. It would be good to have a general rule. It’s also tricky to tell apart which cost modification effects apply until the end of the battle/negotiation, and which ones only until played. And, based on some effect interactions, the game also seems to make a distinction between the “base cost” of a card, and the “cost to play”, in ways that are completely opaque to the player. Which is bad.

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