But what KIND of weather?

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So word is weather affects will eventually make their way into the game, so I was wondering what kind of weather you guys would like to see on the island.

Would you prefer just rain, and snow?

Storms where lightning will sometimes randomly blast the ground nearby?

Hailstorms from which you will need shelter or some kind of special hat to survive unless you spend the entire time running about dodging hailstones?

Me personally I think a rain of frogs would be fitting. Oh sure at first it would be a blessing, everyone would be like "oh cool it's raining food" But watch out. Enough frogs get together in one area, all agitated from falling out of the sky, and you might be the one that croaks.

What wacky weather do you guys wanna see?

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I would go with some good ol thunder and lightning, lots of rain, and a storm that shakes trees and grass.

winterwise, I am not sure if I really want a type of season, or would prefer a winterbiome, hard question, need to think more about that.

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I'm looking forward to rain that obscure your vision, slows you down on swamps and puts out fires quicker.

Also, a couple of lightnings now and then would be awesome, if they illuminated for a second the black night, revealing a Cellusioesque shadow lurking around you, just outside of your light radius.

That would make me fertilize my pants.

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When it comes to weather I naturally think of:

  • Rainstorm - Cold rain to leave any survivor in a foul mood. Extinguishes unprotected fires faster.

  • Thunderstorm - Thunder, lightning, and harsher rains. Provides brief glimpses of the area if during the night. Extinguishes unprotected fires faster.

  • Fog - The curling fog that once only surrounded gravestones now surrounds everything. Obscures, reducing visibility by 50%.

On the topic of lightning hitting the ground... I'm against it only because it reminds me too much of Minecraft. What I wouldn't mind is if there were an invention that relied on lightning strikes to power it via lightning rod.

As for snowstorms or blizzards... I would say that either we need seasons or we need an island that in perpetual winter. Personally I think seasons would be amazing, but probably a lot of work to pull off. It's been a while so I don't rightly recall how they pulled it off in games like Animal Crossing.

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I think rain, fog and thunderstorms are essentials for the weather. They would make life more difficult and force you to think about how to coop with the weather. Snow and the like would require seasons which I also think is a great idea. The game keeps count of the days for you so it is easy to keep track of the year and each season has its own change of a certain weather type.

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