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[QOL suggeston] - Reworking Night Lights

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When was the last time you built a night light for the light it provides, and not simply for decoration? I have been playing DS/T since 2015 and have never used it it for light. People don't use them and almost completely forget about them because they're simply not worth it. 


Now don't get me wrong, it only takes 8 gold nuggets, 2 nightmare fuel and 1 red gem to craft, which is not expensive - but they use nightmare fuel as ... fuel. They don't provide heating or cooling either - unlike the (endothermic)fire pit. 


To put it into perspective, 1 nightmare fuel will make the night light burn for 175 (almost 3 minutes) seconds. This light cannot be switched on/off, drains your sanity and is confined to where the night light is built. A lantern lasts for 7 minutes and 48 seconds, can be switched on/off to save fuel, can be moved wherever you want, held in hand for traveling in the dark, or even left on the ground for light while working. Not to mention light bulbs (used to refuel lanterns) are way easier to get than nightmare fuel (at least in DST - I am aware that nightmare creatures drop NM fuel in solo DS at the end of the nightmare cycle, which makes NMF extremely easy to get lots of).

So here is my suggestion, which I think would make this item worth crafting - instead of requiring NMF as fuel (like regular fire pits) they could drain a player's sanity in order to fuel it (similar to how the lazy deserter drains sanity when you "touch" it - and the fire wouldn't get fueled after your sanity reached 0, obviously.). This would be great because it would allow the night light to be used for farming NMF by keeping your sanity low. Not to mention that characters with high sanity / sanity restoration (such as Maxwell) could use them in their bases. 


That's my QOL suggestion, I think it's an interesting twist on an old, outdated structure that might bring it the love it deserves. Please let me know your thoughts or ideas on how my suggestion could be further improved. Much love to the KLEI team, thank you for taking suggestions and listening to your fans <3 !


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