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Base spot ?

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Hello. It always was hard to decide where to build base for efficiently gameplay.

My desert biome has less amount of cactus so i did not build it there.

also i always forgot something when going to boss fight. thats why i build near bosses

Red area Dragonfly 

Green Bee queen

Blue Cave entrance. I dont know where worm hole goes btw.

How do you decide base location ? and what is your thoughts about mine 


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Now, there are better players than me, so maybe you should still check for other answers, but in my opinion, where those other bases are, is a pretty good spot. It's close to a cave entrance, not too close, however, relatively close to pig king, no closer than it needs to be, the distance to bee queen doesnt really matter too much, unless you are a hardcore expert that farms her as often as possible, you dont need to be really close to the swamp, but that distance is perfectly fine, being close to any desert is always good, but that spot is also good, because if you look carefully, past the marsh and past the Dragonfly desert, there is a triple MacTusk biome. That stuff is somewhat rare, and you definitely want to get the most out of it, in which case it helps if you are closer to it. That base spot is also close to some spiders, a savanna and a big evergreen forest. So I would say the already existing base is in a  great spot.

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I think your existing base is in a good space as well :). The wormholes are a big factor, I think, so I would check out where they go. Easy acces to two or three wormholes that covers a lot of ground goes a long way in my book. Other times I go for cool synergies like desert next to pig king (see picture): Tumbleweeds = Trinkets = Endless gold. Plus twigs and grass becomes abundant. Using boats as small bridges is also fun.    


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When deciding where to build a base I like to ask myself a few questions:

  1. "How often am I going to frequent certain areas, and are those resources something I can only to go to those areas to obtain?"
  2. "Are there any good shortcuts (worm holes, cave entrances, etc) to get to those resources from where I base?"
  3. "Is the area I'm basing in potentially hazardous in other seasons/situations, or does its layout limit my base in certain ways?"

I find myself basing in more remote areas that has either a worm hole (of which I am satisfied with) or a cave entrance nearby for easy passage (usually the savanna for me), but I also enjoy having big open areas to build my base without fear of basing near too many potential hazards or great inconveniences that could stunt the creative growth of my base.

Hazards or inconveniences (in my opinion) can include the following:

  • Moose/Goose nest too close to base
  • Too many cave entrances / too many bats
  • Meteor Showers
  • Ponds with either mosquitoes or frogs
  • Tumbleweeds that can catch on fire
  • Holes in the terrain
  • MacTusk Camps
  • Large forests filled with spiders (more concerned about clearing the trees personally)
  • Immovable natural structures such as Glommer's Statue

Sometimes I like to base somewhat near the Bee Queen due to the clear area around her, as well as in areas such as the Pig King / Birchnut forest biome, the savanna biome, or any reliable biome I know I could clear out without too much hassle and without much of the above listed. Overall I think you chose a really good place for your base considering all the resources you're near to; I myself am pretty picky about where I like to base so please be sure to take what I say with a grain of salt. I hope I could be of some help in your process of deciding, and I wish you best of luck my friend!

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3 hours ago, Resul said:

How do you decide base location ?

Where the Oasis is because that's the best way to keep base safe during summer. But your location is great with good proximity to loads of key locations so I would say you made the right choice

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When I chose a base location, the first thing I think about it how close it is to certain areas of value, such as the swamp, Pig King, oasis, beefalos,  and forests.

Then I think about how often I'll need to use each of those things, and which ones I only need once a season.

Then I start thinking about if meteors will expand to my area, or is hostile mobs might wander close by. 

Then I realize it's almost winter, and throw down a base wherever I'm currently standing.

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