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  1. I was thinking it would be fun if WX had more single slot circuits at his disposal, since currently I believe there's only one circuit (that being the hardy v1) that only takes up one slot. As such, my suggestions would be: A light circuit upgrade that requires one slot, this would probably come from something lunar related as enlightenment and the bright nights caused by the CC event give a lot of basis here in my opinion. It could cost something like a shard of moon glass, or maybe an opulent gem got from deconstructing the moon caller staff (a lot more expensive I know) and you would need to scan some form of gestalt to acquire it. Second would be a one slot cost music augment. This one could be gotten from bio scanalyzing the Crabby Hermit and could be crafted using either a bottle or another kind of seashell. I feel this one makes the most sense as it's heavily implied Crab King and the Hermit have a past connection, and since having 2 music circuits together adds new instruments to the rag time song, it would be like the two singing together to make a song with even more layers. The final upgrade would be the gastro circuit. This augment would be crafted using a belt of hunger, and to make it would a change would probably need to be made to the original circuit to only accepting bearger as a scan, as you can't craft the circuit until bearger appears anyway, unless you get it as a drop from Krampus. Like the original upgrade circuits, these ones would need the lower level of circuit to be upgrades as well, I'd like to know what people thought of my ideas, whether any of these crafts seem too strong or a better recipe or acquisition method was thought of, or if anyone has ideas of their own, thanks for reading
  2. Great work on the character re-fresh, despite all the negatvity coming from the community a lot of us know and understand everyone at Klei worked hard to give us the best version of the character you envisioned
  3. I never knew how much I wanted this change until just now, thank you so much Klei
  4. Just logged in for my daily reward and got a winters feast chest and then got a Webbers snow fallen skin right off the bat . Thanks for the Christmas present Klei!
  5. Hi I've gone through this first link and I don't think I'm receiving any points on my account, nothing shows up and every time I click the link I get the "Do you want to claim this reward?" Page as opposed to the others where I get the "You have already claimed this reward" page
  6. Does that mean items like the one man band are going to be affecting Walters sanity as well now? While I agree with the idea and dedication to lore, maybe the items that got more use from Walter (with not affecting his sanity) than they normal ever get could be used as insight into items that could use some tweaks for more incentive to use them when compared to the sanity drain they give.
  7. Huh, I never saw the last post with the spools, thanks for the info! Do these get directly added to your steam account when you claim them if your Klei account and Steam account are connected?
  8. I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say you've probably played more DST than Hamlet. So the one you have more experience in will be easier for you and you'll find it much simpler to survive for longer compared to the expansion that you're totally new to, and are taking on for the first time. Went on a bit of a rant here so feel free to ignore it.
  9. Tell me great prophet, what is coming with the Troubled Watered update?
  10. You can always create a topic with said poll and then check the communities response! While I agree the idea is cool, it does go against the things established in the game (the dark sword makes you lose sanity because of the dark magic of what it is). And I prefer the flavour and characters of this game compared to the raw mechanics.
  11. As opposed to darkness with light, sorry couldn't help myself :P Nice to know that the way Woby worked before wasn't intended, hopefully it makes a little more sense now (as opposed to making her big, riding her for a bit till she gets too slow, then waiting for her to shrink instead of using tons of more monster meat to get her back to full) Also sad to see the the little boy scout who was so brave they could hold a sword made of nightmares with no problems go xd