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  1. If everything is set to non won't people just keep dying day 1 until they find dfly lava pools?
  2. Making all of Warlys buff foods last for about a day on him sounds like a perfect change!
  3. When farming for giant crops it's honestly too easy to make so much food that it ends up rotting. Smh, some people really just hate change, and the idea that creating deeper and more meaningful mechanics means that they may have to actually invest thought in to them to get a good reward
  4. I got some the other day after killing the lord but they kept dying Can catcoons kill them? I saw some jumping at it but they never appeared to do damage.
  5. I managed to spawn the lord of the fruit flies today but my friendly fly kept dying and I don know why :/ atleast the spawns kept new ones coming
  6. I never knew how much I wanted this change until just now, thank you so much Klei
  7. Don't really have a main because I like playing a few characters Wigfridge because she's fairly easy and helpful to the team, don't mind the bonus damage and armour too, haven't played her much since her rework though (not much dst + playing other characters). Having a character be passively better at combat makes it funner to fight things I guess. Wormwood again helpful to the team, making actual use of seeds, bramble husk to get all the cacti in the world for free, although I'm hoping for more changes in the beta because right now it's not looking good for my plant boy And Walter, because I've gotten pretty good and not getting hit by most enemies, so permeant full sanity for free feels soooo good. Never really fight bees or BQ unless in a group bug enough to just bully her (probably the boss that has resulted in the most team wipes for me) and while my sanity will get tanked fighting a lot of bosses, Walters super cheap tent brings it all back up. Although I still feel the slingshot to be pretty lacking (most enemies will run up and hit you before you can get a shot in so it's real only use is aggro drawing). Lower hunger is something I dislike about him and wig because I always end up starving on my way back to base. Honourable mention to Warly, Wortox and Wendy. Abby makes farming group mobs and even bigger threats stupid easy because she's the only character with access to reliable AOE damage. Wortox because punching butterflies to eat is funny, his big downside is pretty much negated with a tam' o and he gives good motive to go out and kill stuff. And Warlys just a fun challenge and change of pace, making me want to actually go out and collect different ingredients for more/ new food, although you can just eat meatballs and meatstew
  8. Just logged in for my daily reward and got a winters feast chest and then got a Webbers snow fallen skin right off the bat . Thanks for the Christmas present Klei!
  9. I'm talking about one of the buff options being you aim it at an area like in forge, instead of just randomly growing 10 crops that appear on screen. Note aiming it would still only do 10 crops because saying to do more than 10 is a completely different option
  10. I'm surprised so many people said no, is being able to aim at what you want to grow really that OP?!?
  11. Hi I've gone through this first link and I don't think I'm receiving any points on my account, nothing shows up and every time I click the link I get the "Do you want to claim this reward?" Page as opposed to the others where I get the "You have already claimed this reward" page
  12. Does that mean items like the one man band are going to be affecting Walters sanity as well now? While I agree with the idea and dedication to lore, maybe the items that got more use from Walter (with not affecting his sanity) than they normal ever get could be used as insight into items that could use some tweaks for more incentive to use them when compared to the sanity drain they give.