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I payed and got nothing.

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If you're having that sort of problem, this might help...

...Anybody who has a direct account issue, should use the contact us link. Send in the applicable information (email address used to purchase, order numbers, anything you have) and I will do what I can to help out!

We don't want to use PMs for issues that require direct follow-up because we want to make sure the issue gets resolved and won't get buried by other PMs and issues.

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Yeap, that's humble store. The most typical issue that comes from the humble store is related to the email address you used to make the purchase.

To start a purchase in The Humble Store, you put in your email address, then choose a purchase method (paypal, amazon, google wallet) and make the purchase through that system.

Humble then sends an email to that address containing a unique URL that you can get your keys.

If you either A) mistype the email address or B) type in a different email address than you think you used to purchase, people can miss the email confirmation.

The best step here is to check any possible email address (and spam box) to see if you can find the Humble Store email confirmation.

You can also go to the Humble Store to have the email resent or contact them to check to make sure you used the right email address: https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender

If you still have issues, send in the information to the contact us page as I described before. (thanks for posting it mobius)

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