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Any tips on how to begin?


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I just bought the original game yesterday, I'm experienced in RoG and DST.. So I decided to start with Hamlet for a challenge. Then.. I realized my RoG knowledge helps me with nothing in this all-new wilderness adventure...

I'm currently just walking around aimlessly on the first island with no clue on how to kite Hamlet mobs. Playing as Wilson and currently on day 14, struggling with the thick fog slowing me down, with only a few basic resources (gold, flint, rocks and silk are pretty much needed) and frequent vampire bat attacks. Fought off 3 waves already and expecting worse.

Bought a miner hat and explored a few rooms in the pig ruins that leads to the palace city, but I don't know where I should go especially with all those scorpions trying to poison me every now and then.

Already thought of giving up, but I still want some tips on where to start exploring. Thanks in advance.

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Check the dress tab, there is always a solution for weather in that tab

 For kiting, practise a lot but most of the mobs cant be stunlocked like in RoG and cant be atacked more than 1 hit

Basic materials are "difficult" to find because you must gather from various founts not only 1. In RoG if you want gold you just mine boulders, in hamlet no. If you want gold in hamlet maybe you should look after more than 1 entity

And the final advice, take it easy and enjoy the suffering. You will miss that feeling when you will be better at this dlc

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