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No critters available for grooming despite one is not groomed.

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Dear all.
I designed nice pokeshells stable for 4 pokeshells but one of them is not groomed. Grooming station is showing that no critters are available (for grooming).


Other critters are groomed, so the stable works. Why my dupes wont groom the last one?


Best regards,


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9 minutes ago, MinhPham said:

Does that critter starving ?

I don't think so. Critter feeder was full of polluted dirt and I was watching this critter carefully. I saw no reasons for starving.


I just saw it eating short while ago. 1000kcal is full for pokeshells.


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2 hours ago, psusi said:

I've had that happen sometimes.  Deconstruct and rebuild the grooming station usually fixes it.

This time just when second critter became glum duplicant came and groomed both pokeshells. It looks like it was self-repairing random bug.

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