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Old perk to keep: Can run ON FOUR LEGS, throw poop

New perk to add:

1-    Poop when eat fruit

2-    Jump into Trees, harvest fruits on trees, hide from agro mobs (like when you use bush hat), can dodge attack like Wheeler (monkey is fast so can dodge). Can jump into nearby tree (like The Tiddler’s char: Warfarin - The Tricky Thief)

3-    Can now talk simple word about coming event, not much but still can (like Caesar in Planet of the Apes series)

4-    Can plant Banana on the surface, gain sanity when eat banana.

5-    Loose sanity when hungry (like normal animal), gain sanity when throw poop at other, those was thrown at loose sanity.

6-    Can throw many things else not just manure, like rock, spear, axe, pickaxe… and deal some damage.

7-    All kind of ape don’t agro on Wilbur, can craft Prime Ape Hut which will spawn Prime Ape which will follow him with a price (1 banana each).

8-    Turn in to Oozaru (Great ape in Dragonball) when full moon, when in this form Wilbur can do Bearger's slam (help bring down multiple trees), smash rocks like one hit, tank boss…


Update: 7/17/2020
From @Mike23Ua, Wilbur’s tail could be reserved as a Light Source Slot.. meaning he could hold a torch or lantern with his tail while doing stuff like chopping a tree with an Axe….

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  1. I think this would be very beneficial for Wilbur if he were added into DST, giving more utility out of his pooping side-perk.
  2. There are not many trees in DST that provide fruit (with the exceptions of Banana Trees and Birchnut Trees), so a part of this perk would not work unless trees were modified to grow additional fruit on them, a trait I personally disagree with. Furthermore I will say that the ability to doge attacks by hopping into trees would be quite powerful if able to be done in succession, so I think that if it took time to climb a tree (lets say 3 seconds to fully climb one) and the same amount of time to descend one on top of not being able to attack while in a tree, I would have no problem with this as it removes the spam-able nature of said ability.
  3. Wilbur not being able to speak was one of the few downsides this character had, and I feel as though this would remove one of those few. Most quotes on characters are for flavor anyways, but there are some select quotes that directly aid the player and I think this would not be much of a hindrance otherwise.
  4. Planting Banana Trees on the surface (or heck, anywhere other than the ruins to be honest) would be very powerful as a source of sanity and runs the risk of players switching to Wilbur exclusively for his ability, only for them to switch out when they are finished (much like the issue with Winona). I would like to recommend an alternative if I may; what if, instead of bananas, Wilbur be able to make his own custom "Monkey-Mush" food item that takes the place of bananas in a crock pot, while also giving him the same benefits as a normal banana (essentially the tofu equivalent to bananas for him). I do love the extra sanity for eating bananas and banana products though, very nice.
  5. When you say "Lose sanity when hungry" do you mean that when hunger is below its maximum, Wilbur will lose sanity? If so then wouldn't Wilbur permanently lose sanity since hunger is always decreasing? A pretty heavy obstacle in my opinion. Most (if not all) creatures in this game do not have sanity except for players; but I will say that decreasing player sanity as Wilbur has no real point to helping a team other than to frustrate other players and, inadvertently, harm them with a common resource.
  6. If there were a select list of items that Wilbur could throw (and not just "anything"), and if said items were destroyed (or have durability gone down), I'd say sure.
  7. For a craftable Prime Ape hut I would personally prefer the Apes to have a different AI that does not steal items, eat food, or search through containers in order for them to be helpful. If bananas were to be used in the crafting recipe (and most likely they would be) then that would require Wilbur to go down to the Ruins to get bananas. That can be very risky and could either be A.) A very early risk-adventure that most players would die in, or B.) A very late game benefit. If "Monkey-Mush" were used in said recipe, it would help players earlier on to make their own "monkey kingdom".
  8. I don't think that Klei has the license to use Dragon Ball characters in truth, and from a lore-perspective, I don't think Wilbur would turn out to be a sayain. This form seems very similar to Woodies' Were-Forms (albeit much stronger), but I believe it would (if it were added) only serve to rival Woodies' abilities, taking away from him.

I like many of the ideas you included in your post, although I do have my criticisms (of which I listed out below). Overall I think this would make Wilbur a very interesting character to play is he were added in the future, nice work as always.

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Actually I can think of a good perk to give to Wilbur that I’m sure Klei has already came up with in their own studio though I’m not 100% sure if this won’t step onto that new kids toes “Walter” who we assume has a Slingshot.

Anyway- Wilbur was able to throw poop in solo DS, but what I’m picturing is more in line with slingshot, he aims in a direction and can fling poop (hello Walter)

Poop at first glance sounds stupid and something we should ignore right? NOPE!

Wormwood Exists, and Wormwood can heal by literally smearing poop onto himself, okay so I get it your about to ask why bother?? Wortox’s Souls heal him just fine!

Thats exactly WHY we should bother, Wortox uses Souls to heal a hurt soul, Wormwood has no actual soul.. Making Wortox no longer able to heal Wormwood then would make WILBUR the designated healer for Wormwood players.

to balance this, poop thrown on Wormwood by Wilbur can be more potent then regular poop, and will heal him for more health points and also maybe increase his sanity (your literally fertilizing a plant....)

As for what poop can do for NON-Wormwood characters.. that’s pretty self explanatory, Wilbur would be able to natural produce poop over time, you won’t have to build a pigman hut or trap a koelephant and collect poop from them. Wilburs version will be stronger then normal, and will grow crops and planted gardens faster.

as for OTHER Perks Wilbur can have he’s a Monkey... he is small but should move faster than humans- Because he is a small target like a bird or rabbit (the two most common small creatures I see this happen to) Hounds could be more aggressive towards chasing Wilbur over human survivors.

This idea comes from when you get those hound waves chasing you and you run for your life but eventually the dogs will get distracted to chase down a rabbit, bird, mole rat, Bee, etc.... 

The last and final thing I would like to see for Wilbur is the ability to have an additional body slot marked as “Tail” The tail slot is where items like torches and lanterns will default to, leaving Wilbur an actual paw/hand to use other tools like axes and pickaxes, officially allowing Wilbur to become the only character in the entire franchise that can duel wield two different types of items at once (albeit in limited form so as to not become the most op thing EVER) 

Other then that... that’s all I’ve got, sorry :( hopefully you guys will like these Wilbur Suggestions, when I make a character suggestion for a tweak or improvement I try to do so without butchering that character beyond recognition so I aim to leave my ideas realistically within the foundations of who or what that character originally is, and hopefully these ideas do him justice.


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@Owlrus98: Everythings sound good, No.5 maybe start losing sanity at half-full, No.8 Doesn't need to be the exact Oozaru, just a giant Gorilla still do. (the idea actually from Woodies' abilities, just some fun thing to play in full moon).

@Mike23Ua: the "tail" slot sound brilliant, but since Wilbur run animation, thing he held in his hand switch to his tail. that mean when he running his tail gonna hold 2 thing. Running on Fours legs (just edited) is one of my fav things about Wilbur.

P/s: event if Klei just port the original Wilbur still fine with me, Thanks 4 reading guys.

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I’m currently playing the Hamlet DLC.. can someone explain to me how monkeys went from being Monkeys to well uhh gigantic Spider-Ape mutant hybrids?? 

I bring this up because well I never expected Woodie to transform into a gigantic Moose or a Goose prior to his Rework... So If Klei suddenly decided to add Wilbur and let him mutate into a Spiderape it certainly would not surprise me at this point.

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On 7/10/2020 at 3:29 PM, Psychomaniac said:

That's why i came up with the Oozaru idea.


But is a Mutant Ape something that fits his role though? I would expect something simple- like the above mentioned Tail slot being able to hold a torch or lantern in it that when moving only the Torch/Lantern shows in his tail. But when standing completely still mining rocks or chopping trees etc the Tail could hold a light while he does his thing.

Aside from poop related perks which I already covered in the above post- The Only OTHER thing I can think of that sounds like a decent (slightly overpowered) perk to possibly give him is the ability to jump into trees and pluck their resources directly from them without having to chop down the tree to acquire things like Birchnuts, Banana, Coconut Etc... 

A simple 2-3 second animation of leaping into a tree, you see the tree ruffle a bit then 2-3 resources drop to the ground and Wilbur drops down out of the tree.

To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about “Moon Transformed Mutant Ape” I’m NOT trying to sound mean in saying this but it could start to slip into feeling like it steps Way too much on Woodie or (if she’s added to the game) Wilba’s Gameplay gimmick.

And The point of the reworks (in my opinion) have been to flesh out each playable character making their gameplay feel unique and extremely different from other playable characters.

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As a monkey king, there must be something special about him, transform into a giant ape on full moon maybe a good reason that other apes consider him as a king, i guess. BTW it's just a full moon thing (20 days cycle, except the first full moon) to spice up the game, not "at will" like Woodie.

You're right, we already got a transform char, but still Walter's Woby can transform too. another transform char doesn't hurt.

Anyway, i'm fine with your ideas, reasonable & lore friendly like always.

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16 minutes ago, Psychomaniac said:

Then just giant ape still fine :D (like King kong, or George "The White Gorilla" in Rampage)

P/s: The Constant is weird enough that anything can happen without a reason.

Godzilla Neo - KING KONG by KaijuSamurai.deviantart.com on ...

If wilbur should have an alternative form i vote for shadow monekys. They are not the same kind of monkeys but atleast were already in the game and can bring lore.

But for that i will prefer a totally new monkey character 

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15 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

shadow monekys

A GIANT shadow moneky still fine with me, as a matter of fact any alternative form is fine with me as long as it's a GIANT :d

15 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

totally new monkey

Totally new monkey still fine with me as long as it' can run on 4 legs and throw poop :D BUT Klei said that Walter is the last new char for now until the next new char is announced, so no new monkey, just Wilbur rework :D

15 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:


Let's create some lore for Wilbur's transform into giant ape:

Let say: One upon a time, meteors fall from the sky, when a Meteor crashes to the ground, the impact creates a crater, the Meteor isn't completely destroyed after the impact and leave behind a moonrock boulder, Wilbur just happen to be caught in the middle of the fall, fell into crater and unconscious near moonrock boulder, due to long time exposure to Moonrock radiation he's transform into giant for a day long, and since then whenever full moon begin he's transform again. Sound good right :D!!!


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